About me

Lily Zunic 

Hi and welcome to my blog!
My name is Lily, I am mom to one, wife, sister, woman… creator. Since I remember I was very passionate about creating things. I enjoy sewing, crafting, drawing, cooking, writing …  As a kid, I have made my own toys using imagination and today I make toys for my baby and many other children. Role of  a mom inspired me to focus all my life gained knowledge in to one passion – kids activities by sewing and making fun developmental toys. If you check my Etsy Shop you will find soft sensory books for babies, quiet books for toddlers and preschoolers, memory games and many more toys made of natural materials mostly inspired by Waldorf and/or Montessori philosophy. Beside homemade toys here you will also find plenty of kids activities ideas, nature inspired crafts, free patterns, story time ideas, DIY projects, Waldorf verses and rhymes for everyday play.

In our little family we do everything with love and gratitude for the things we have. We admire nature and its magnificent creations. We strive to live as healthy as possible by eating homemade food. Therefore,  at Homelife section, you may find healthy recipe ideas and how we do it on our way. You may also find those little everyday things from our life which makes us happy.  

So why this blog?  I believe children’s natural development is very important for every child to grow as a whole, confident person. It goes hand by hand with love. My baby inspired me in so many ways, and that is what I want share with you. I wanna give you plenty ideas how to craft, learn and play.

Hope you will find inspiration in this blog, creative ideas and our lives, and play with us. 

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If you are interested in collaboration or you just want to get in touch with me, please contact me via email lily{at}craftlearnandplay.com

Have fun!