• Natyrally Dyed Easter Eggs

    Natural easter egg dyes

    We are so looking forward to introduce Easter activities to our 14 month old baby. For her first Easter last year she was just a baby, to young to actively participate, but now she repeats almost everything she sees, so curious...

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  • Winter Waldorf Verses _

    Winter Waldorf Verses

    Yesterday when we woke up and looked out the window it was delightful. More snow has fallen during the night and everything was cover with magical withe snow. It was like in fairy tails, white roofs, white streets, trees and bra...

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  • Waldorf Inspired First Birthday

    Up until a few months ago I didn’t actually have an idea what does Waldorf birthday means. As  my little A’s first birthday was approaching rapidly I did a bit research and get familiar about Waldorf birthday tradit...

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  • Banana Chocolate Chips Muffins Recipe

    Banana Chocolate Chips Muffins

    My favourite easy to make dessert recipe is this Banana chocolate chips muffins. I have found many recipes online for banana muffins but I wasn’t quite satisfy. First of all I didn’t want use any eggs and all recip...

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  • Celebrate Autumn – Create Nature Table

    Autumn is beautiful season with its beautiful golden and crimson colours. It is a perfect opportunity to bring all those colours into your home. There is many ways you can decorate your home using objects from nature. Nature tab...

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  • Good Morning Song

    We enjoy sing songs through the day as we go along. As part of our daily routine when we get up we look out of window and sing our Good morning song. We are so lucky to have a big tree in front of our window so we can enjoy loo...

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  • Our Fairy Garden

    This summer I’ve made our first fairy garden. It was such an enormous fun and relief to do something just out of full pleasure. I really enjoyed playing, making miniatures constructing and painting, making perfect miniatur...

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