• cheese-cloth-ghost-craft-tutorial

    Cheese cloth ghost craft

    It is spooky time! We had so much time making these Cheese cloth ghost crafts last weekend, and even more fun playing with them after. So I wanted to share with you this tutorial. Cheese cloth ghosts are fun and easy to make. E...

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  • simple-cotton-balls-sheep-craft-for-kids

    How To Make Simple Cotton Balls Sheep Craft

    We love simple animal projects, as this cute sheep craft, because they are great opportunity to learn. While we work we talk about animal that we are working on, their colours, about sounds they make, what do they eat, where do...

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  • 20 Awesome Egg Carton Crafts Ideas To Make

    There is so many ways to recycle and reuse materials we do not need any more. Egg carton crafts are just one creative way to reuse old egg carton boxes. You would be amazed how many awesome animals, flowers and toys you can mak...

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