7 powerful ways to celebrate earth day with young children

INSIDE: You will find 7 beautiful Earth Day activities for kids that you can do together and celebrate mother Earth plus FREE printable list of  50+ Outdoor activities to connect with nature and your children.

“Suddenly, from behind the rim of the Moon, in long, slow-motion moments of immense majesty, there emerges a sparkling blue and white jewel, a light, delicate sky-blue sphere laced with slowly swirling veils of white, rising gradually like a small pearl in a thick sea of black mystery. It takes more than a moment to fully realize this is Earth . . . home.” »

Edgar Mitchell, Apollo Astronaut


Earth day is a remainder for all of us that we have to live and act respectfully every day, nurture mother earth and be grateful for all the goods she gave us.

It is our responsibility to tech our kids about environmental awareness. They are our legacy same as our mother earth. It is never to early to start.

We have to teach our children how to:

  • act in a respectful way
  • give back to nature as much as we can
  • save natural resources
  • recycle
  • produce less garbage


7 Earth Day activities for kids to play, explore and nurture mother Earth


1.Nature walk scavenger hunt

Collecting nature materials may be completely optional, depending on your child’s age. There is so many ideas out there, including printables with pictures or lists for collecting items.

For our very first nature walk scavenger hunt, we kept it very simple.

We collected in basket all items we could find; twigs, stones, leafs, rocks, pinecones…  everything that would catch an eye of my daughter.  We took collected items home and she played with them for quite some time.

This was very exciting nature activity, to explore, feel and touch new objects from nature.

Nature play - scavenger hunt


2.Plant a flower

Planting a tree or a plant is great way to give a gift to our mother earth. So why don’t start with that tradition from an early age?

Your young toddler is obviously to young to plant a flower or tree but you can do it together. He can help and participate by exploring soil. While planting, talk to him about what you are doing, how plants grow, what do they need for growth and how do we take care for them.

This is also a nice way to start teaching about gardening, develop love for planting and teaching responsibility.


3.Make bird feeder

Making bird feeder out of plastic bottle is a wonderful way to introduce meaning of recycling to your kids. Not only that, when you are done you can sit, relax on a fresh air and observe diversity of birds coming to feed.

upcycled bird feeder

For our feeder I have got inspiration here, where you also can find tutorial how to make upcycled bird feeder using plastic bottles.


4.Explore wind with pinwheels

If you haven’t yet explored wind with your young toddler this might be very interesting idea for him.

First, together make this simple pinwheel, or make more of them in different sizes and colours.

Go out and have fun.

With wind exploration try introducing new vocabulary like air, fly, breeze, strong, gentle and so on. Actually, kids of any age will enjoy running around with pinwheel.

Kids DIY Pinwheel


5.Play with stones and rocks

Stones and rocks are totally free and possibilities to play are endless:

  • stacking stones
  • teaching ( counting, sorting)
  • story telling ( paint rocks or draw elements or animals)
  • sensory bins
  • crafts

And here are some more ideas for  Nature play – Stones and rocks.

Choose activity that is age appropriate and safe for your kids and enjoy.

Stone and rocks kids play ideas


6.Make DIY nature mobile

To bring nature in to your home make mobile from objects you collected in nature.

Here is cute idea how make DIY nature mobile and preserve plants and flowers using clay from Magic Onions.

Earth day DIY nature mobile

And there is one really simple way of making one just hanging pinecones and leafs on a branch. It is simple version of nature mobile I did last autumn for my daughters nursery, but you get the idea.

Simple nature mobile


7.Sing a song 

There is traditional Waldorf song “Good morning, dear earth” which we love to sing in the morning when we wake up and stand by the window, looking sun arising. Wonderful way of celebrating mothers earth birthday.

Good morning, dear earth - traditional Waldorf song


Most of this Earth day activities for kids are free and available in your yard or nearest park.


50+ nature activites to connect with nature and your kids PDF free printable
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7 Earth day activities for kids


  1. Jacinta | 7th Apr 17

    These ideas sound fun! Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

  2. Tiana | 6th Apr 17

    I can’t wait to do these with my daughter! She’s 1 now so we can go explore!!!

  3. Lisa | 6th Apr 17

    These are such great ideas! I think I’m going to def put some of these to use! We have a ton of birds outside of our house lately and I am sure my kiddos would love to make a bird feeder and watch them come! Thanks so much for the inspo!


  4. Kelly | 6th Apr 17

    I love all of these ideas and I don’t even have kids!! Especially going on a nature walk. I love exploring the outdoors and don’t do it as often as I should. Thanks for the reminder! Great post.

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