Brown Bear, brown bear what do you see? – Felt Board Template

Does you kid has favorite book? Ours is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see? And we have to read it over and over again. Toddlers love repetition, I understand that, but sometimes I just want to hide it. I know, that would be mean. Instead, I did something creative that occupy my toddler for fair amount of time and it turned out to be fun game while we read. I designed felt board template and made felt animals in same colours.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see? – Felt Board Template

We love books. I have read books to my baby when she was only few days old. And we continue to do so every day. She likes to have some books near bed, to read when she wakes up, some in the kitchen for when I cook, and some in her reading spot. That is great because it is so important for kids to grow with books.
As a mom, and grownup, it is hard to read same picture book all the time, over and over again. Is it same with you ?

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Instead of complaining one day I came with idea to make something  fun and creative that she will enjoy. Since book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? has such a neat  illustrations I draw all the animals and cut them out from felt. In the beginning they looked good but not quite cute as it was supposed to look.

Then I remembered that I have fabric puff paint that I sometimes use in my quiet books.

felt board story

After playing a bit with matching colours it looked great. It took around 3-4 hours for puff paint to dry. Waiting is always hardest job for me. Since I loved this felt board project a lot I decided to share felt board template with you.

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Playing with felt board template

Giving her Brown Bear, brown bear what do you see? felt board story was really special moment of excitement. All of her favorite animals now as a felt toys to incorporate in everyday play.

Now, as we read the book she puts animals on the felt board and repeats their colours. Plus she use them for pretend play.

So,  instead of just reading, we play felt board story over and over again.

Brown bear, Brown bear what do you see? Felt board template

Free download Brown bear PDF felt board pattern



felt board template - Brown bear, brown bear what do you see -

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  1. What an amazing idea! This was actually one of MY favorite books when I was growing up. I don’t have kiddos yet, but will definitely save this for the future! What a wonderful way to enrich the reading experience (: