How to Make Your Kids Smile – Painting With Water

Who would say that painting with water can be so entertaining for kids.  All they need is water and paint brush and you can sit and enjoy observing how little is needed for children to have fun. So simple. Drawing with water is great outdoor play for any time in the year.


Painting with Water – Outdoor play

One late, a bit cold, summer afternoon I wanted to spend some time on our small but sunny balcony. Had to think how to entertain my 18 month daughter, while mommy sit and take a rest for a few moments in a sun.

Whoever has a balcony and kids, knows how they love throwing things down. Her favorite, water play and splashing wasn’t an option that day as it rained earlier that day and I didn’t want her to get wet as it was windy and not so hot.

I was surprised when she found one wet branch and  start drawing on a small table.

Well, well… great idea, little one!

But branch soon stopped working. And than I got an idea.

Brought her jar filled with water and paint brush.


Painting with water

Not only she draw on balcony floor, she painted fence and chairs.

She also practiced her fine motor skills by moving jar carefully from one place to the other. She didn’t spill a drop from that jar. Well done.

Drawing with water

So mommy had a nice half an hour break, watching how little is needed to have fun.

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