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Here you will find products and services that I use and find helpful for myself, my business and my family. All of them I would recommend to my dearest friend because I believe they can benefit from them too. Moms life can be difficult so feel free to try for yourself stuff that I recommend and share them with your friends. 

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Moms Life – Tips To Be A Better Mom

Every mom needs some encouragement. And in order to be a god mom you need to take care of yourself first. Take care for your mental health and stay positive starting with these 20 powerful affirmations   that will make you the calmest mom on the block.

We all get overwhelmed on regular basis, so set yourself for a calm and successful day with tips from Happy You Happy Family.

Try out life saving tips for how to get housework done with keeping your little ones happy. Includes free printable Kids chore list to help you out.

Establishing routine can be daunting task, I know because I have been there. Read what was the game changer for us: how to make your daily routine to work and how did 8-10 month sleep regression helped to our family.

Protect your little ones wooden toys with amazing DIY beeswax polish (tutorial).



Handmade gifting 

For all handmade lovers I found Etsy as real wonderland for all my special handmade gifts and handcrafted toys.

Seriously, there is no thing that you won’t find on Etsy:

  • toys
  • clothes,
  • accessories,
  • jewelry,
  • arts
    … you name it.

 I very much appreciate handmade stuff because of love and effort given in to the making process. When I search toys for my daughter or gifts for my dearest friends and family I alway search Etsy first.
Luckily most of the sellers ship worldwide and I am always able to find cool and unique stuff. So check it out.

Saving and budgeting

Did you know that you can earn money while shopping online?

Well not so long time ago I did not know that either. But when I found out that I can get cash back when shopping online on purchases I would have made anyway,  I was stunned.

Ebates WILL GIVE YOU CASH BACK for shopping at over 650 stores – like Amazon, Ebay, Indigo, Old Navy, Sephora, Toys R Us, Sears … even Etsy

Crazy, ha ?

Wish if someone told me that earlier. Don’t be like me. Sign up today and get cash back at your favourite online stores. Refer your friends and earn even more!


If you are concerned about your child’s future, read these tips that will save you time and money in a long term.


I have had my site crushed totally for several times, and that was by my own mistake – “wrong click”. My heart stopped when I realized what I did. I could feel cold sweat all over my body. Bumping noise in my ears was louder than my inner voice scream – “what have I done?”

Luckily I got really fast response from my web hosting provider support.

I switched to Green Geeks Web Hosting almost two years ago and never regretted.  I love them not only because they are a environmentally responsible provider but because of their fast and efficient 24/7 support.

Every time I got heard from them in about 20 minutes and they solved the issue. When I really screwed things up and they had to send ticket to second level I correspond with them for un hour, each time they followed up until it was finally solved.

Low web hosting price is just another great bonus you are getting if you choose Green Geeks as your Web Hosting provider.

And forgot to mention, if you want transfer to Green Geeks from different provider you don’t have to worry about process. It goes automatically and is followed by their tech team. You also get set email account with one click. Just perfect for someone who is not hi-tech like me.


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