See How Easily You Can Paint Rocks That Will Make Wonderful Outdoor Toys

Vivid stone ladybugs and bees can be great outdoor toy for your little one. Nature play is important  for kids and I always strive to make crafts and toys inspired by nature. My daughter loves carry around her new stone bug friends. Here is how to make ladybug and bee rocks.

Painted stone and rock crafts - Ladybug and Bee rocks


How to make ladybug and bee rocks

For this project you will need:

– nicely shaped round stones
– red, white and yellow acrylic paint
– black permanent marker

You may use black acrylic paint instead of marker, but I find marker is much more easier to draw straight line and dots.

painted rocks crafts

Wash and dry stones. Paint rocks  in red and yellow and when dry use black permanent marker to draw black stripes and dots. For eyes you may use googly eyes or paint them. Optional step is to dilute little white paint with water and draw bee’s wings.


If you intend to put painted rocks outside, apply one to two spray sealant coats and allow to dry.

Cute ladybug and bee rocks are also great craft projects for kids of any age and after they are made, can be used as outdoor toy or decoration in your garden.

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