• 20 Awesome Egg Carton Crafts Ideas To Make

    There is so many ways to recycle and reuse materials we do not need any more. Egg carton crafts are just one creative way to reuse old egg carton boxes. You would be amazed how many awesome animals, flowers and toys you can mak...

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  • Apple Tree Page with Free Printable Template

    Quiet Book Ideas – Apple Tree

    It’s been a while now how I published my last free quiet book template for a Mother Hen and Chicks page and today I’m gonna share with you my Apple Tree page. There are many variations for this page depending of yo...

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  • DIY Felt Board Story Five Little Pumpkins

    Felt Board – Five Little Pumpkins

    Oh yes, who doesn’t love pumpkins and Halloween stories. Our favourite book as Haloween treat is ‘The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin’ (by Sonali Fry (Author), Sanja Rescek (Illustrator). It has beautiful colourful illu...

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