Farm Play Mat – Unique DIY Gift for Toddler

    My little 3-year-old nephew is crazy about tractors and farm life. Last birthday I made him this adorable quiet book, which was one of my firsts. Farm playscape mat seemed as a logical next step on his imaginative play journey....

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  • Toddler Quiet Book Activity book

    Featured Quiet Books

    Quiet Book is very special toy for any toddler or preschooler. They will enjoy playing and exploring quiet book pages while learning. My quiet books are Montessori inspired and filled with activities which provide fine motor de...

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  • Nature play ideas - Stone and rocks

    9 Nature play Stones and Rocks Ideas

    Toddlers experience how the world works playing with raw natural elements.  For them it does not matter does the toy came from toy store or nature. They will play whatever is available to them. They will simply explore and lear...

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