Farm Play Mat – Unique DIY Gift for Toddler

    My little 3-year-old nephew is crazy about tractors and farm life. Last birthday I made him this adorable quiet book, which was one of my firsts. Farm playscape mat seemed as a logical next step on his imaginative play journey....

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  • 20 Awesome Egg Carton Crafts Ideas To Make

    There is so many ways to recycle and reuse materials we do not need any more. Egg carton crafts are just one creative way to reuse old egg carton boxes. You would be amazed how many awesome animals, flowers and toys you can mak...

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  • pom pom chicks

    Easy steps for cute DIY Pom Pom Chicks

    Week ago we have had some fun making Waldorf inspired stuffed felt hen, and this week I am gonna show you how to make cute yellow DIY pom pom chicks.   DIY Pom Pom Chicks When I was little girl my grandma taught me how to ...

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  • DIY Baby Waldorf Doll

    DIY Baby Waldorf Doll

    Waldorf dolls are simple, natural and snuggly and they bring so many benefits for the child. A neutral expression allows a child to develop his imagination and to see the doll as happy, sleepy, angry, sad or whatever situation...

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  • DIY Motor Skills Toys

    3 DIY Motor Skill Toys for Toddlers

    There is no better thing than recycle old materials to make something new and useful. Such as these 3 DIY motor skill toys. They are easy to make, neat and bright and are great for developing fine and gross motor skills, concent...

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