8 The Best Waldorf Inspired Activities And Crafts For 3 Year Olds You Need To Try

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In a constant search for new developmental activities I looked for a specific crafts for preschoolers. As I found many beautiful and beneficial activities, this time I focused on Waldorf inspired crafts. I personally love Waldorf philosophy because of many things, but one sticks the most:

Play is viewed as the work of the young child.

That statement is so powerful and so true that I keep it always on my mind.

Secondly, magic and fantasy play important role in teachings and activities. Together with story telling and make-belive play, child develops their imagination in a magnificent way.

If you are sharing same thoughts and passion towards kids teachings, crafts and activities, you will love this list of activities and crafts for 3 year olds.

Reveal The Artistic Magic And Get Inspired

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1.Sew using Burlap and Yarn– beginning sewing activity for preschoolers (rhythmsofplay.com)

2.Twirling Twig Mobile – teach about engineering (babbledabbledo.com)

3. Waldorf Wooden Blocks– simple to make and costs nothing, blocks that will inspire open-ended play from early age till the preschool

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4.Rainbow Peg Dolls  – super cute and easy DIY rainbow people who will become heroes of many stories and play. (theimmaginationtree.com)

waldorf inspired crafts for 3 year olds

5. Weather Stones – learn kids about weather and have fun making this beautiful toy (thecrafttrain.com)

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6. Wooden Texture Stamps– all natural wooden stamps

7. DIY Waldorf square geometric puzzles – designed to encourage 3-dimensional thinking and inner flexibility (mothernatured.com)

8. Seasonal Sorting  -great activity to encourage discussion about the differences between the four seasons (buggyandbuddy.com)

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