You enjoy making things, especially for your little ones.

As your child grows quickly, your list of DIY projects is growing even faster.

With your slow pace crafting here and there and searching for more ideas you end up overwhelmed.

Although you are a crafty person, deep down you think how you are not so creative.

It turns out your projects never seem to look perfect and the way YOU want it.

Finally, you find it hard to finish or even to start with a new DIY project.

I believe every person is creative and every craft project is beautiful when you create for the journey of your heart.


What others are saying:

“I just wanted to say thank you for such a helpful site. I’m not an experienced crafter or sewer, but I really wanted to have a go at making a quiet book for my children. Your pages don’t presume I already know things, and told me so many practical tips. I haven’t got a machine so I’m hand sewing. It’s taking so long and I’m making mistakes but I’m enjoying it so much. Your website has made this happen for me. Thank you!”  ~ Hazel


At first it doubted whether its doable but you convinced me it’s doable.”  ~ Heather


Now, stop for a moment and …

Imagine waking up with a smile on your face, because you finally feel like yourself, because you know that you have the ability to make beautiful DIY projects and activities for your child from start to finish.

Seeing your child playing happily with a toy you made, you know you have the creative power to make kids activities that serve the purpose of allowing your child to learn through play.

When you become a member of Craft, Learn and Play, you’ll learn how to intentionally craft projects and simple activities that benefit your child and nurture your heart, even if you think you are not a creative person. 



About me

Lets’s start with the disclaimer first. I’m not a native English speaker. When I started this blog it was a way for me to inspire other parents to be creative with their kids. And that was shortly after I moved to Canada (from Croatia).  Therefore you will notice many grammatical errors. I understand how frustrating it can be for some people. If you are one of them, I apologize. In the future, I will work to proofread all my content. Until then I hope you can enjoy creative ideas and find useful projects for your kids.


I’ve always loved to make things, ever since I was a little girl when my grandma first taught me to sew. But I never have dared to truly stand up for my craft art and handiwork that was feeding my soul.

The truth is, I was afraid of failure. What if my work doesn’t turn out to be perfect? What if I never finish my project? What if no one likes it? What if I can’t make a living out of it?
Hundreds of “What if” stopping me from doing what I love the most – creating.

When I became a mother everything changed.

Making first rattle toys for my child, sewing playmats, and making my first quiet book was the time I realized I can let myself go … kids are not judgemental, I can make an imperfect toy and they’ll still love playing with it.

Accepting that I don’t need others to like my handiwork I let my creativity going in a new exciting direction. Now I’m creating for the sake of my own joy and peace, enjoying the process.

But most importantly, I realized it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Are you ready to start enjoying the process of making DIY projects and kids activities at your own peace?


Here is how can I help you

Tutorials and ideas you’ll find here have clear steps and instructions that will give you the ability to make craft projects and kids activities with ease.

I’ll also provide you with tips on how to engage your child in creative play and teach you how you can help him to play independently.
Independent play benefits the child but also gives you some space and time to nurture yourself.


Start your journey here

Find out how to introduce the creative play to your kids and get easy learning through play ideas that will make your kids excited.  Start here. 


Start here with useful tips and tricks to make quiet books, shop quiet book sewing patterns and get my ultimate How to make a quiet book e-guide.


“Thank you for your very helpful guidelines on the construction of a fabric book. I’m nearly finished the first quiet book I’ve ever tried to make. My oldest daughter told me it was an encyclopedia not a book, but I made the pages removable and interchangeable so my grandson can select which pages he wants to use for that day. I’m thrilled to have discovered your blogs and this amazing world for children!” ~ Rachel

Disclosure: I’m not a native English speaker and I know my English is far from perfect. Therefore, don’t be too harsh on my misspelling and/or grammar errors. I’m doing my best and truly believe I can help you if you join Craft, Learn, and Play community.

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