Celebrate Autumn – Create Nature Table

Autumn is beautiful season with its beautiful golden and crimson colours. It is a perfect opportunity to bring all those colours into your home. There is many ways you can decorate your home using objects from nature. Nature table is  just one of them.

If you have done some of nature inspired activities with your kids than you have all supplies to make Nature Table. Take leaves, branches, flowers, autumn fruits, pinecones, berries… and be creative.  We made small nature table this year and I love those little red apples forum our street. They scented all room. Our little fairies found their spot to sit on a branch.


autumn fairies


Here are two Waldorf autumn verses for you to celebrate and welcome very first day of autumn.

The world is full of color
‘Tis Autumn once again
And leaves of gold and crimson
Are lying in the lane
There are brown and yellow acorns
Berries and scarlet haws
Amber gorse and heather
Purple across the moors
Green apples in the orchard
Flushed by a glowing sun
Mellow pears and brambles
Where colored pheasants run


Autumn wind came stealing
Through the woods one day,
And creeping round the tree, he stole
Their beauty all away.
He tore their russet dresses,
Combed off their golden hair.
He blew away the tattered bits,
And left them brown and bare.

Autumn winds are sighing,
Stealing through the forest brown,
As they softly pass the tree trunks
Little leaves come falling down.
But a stronger gale is blowing
And then the leaves themselves
Rise and dance about the forest
Just like little elves.
Faster, faster see them whirling
Till the gale has passed.
One by one the tired leaflets
Sink to rest at last.

What are yours favourite autumn activities? How do you welcome autumn? Do you create Nature Table? You are welcome to share your photos and ideas with us.

Lily Zunic

I believe every person is creative and every craft project is beautiful when you create for the journey of your heart.

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