Childs Farm Organic Baby Toiletries Review

Child’s Farm natural and organic baby toiletries are one of the best I used so far on my baby’s sensitive skin. She had eczema as an infant and we managed to get red of it, but still she has dry and sensitive skin so I have been very careful when choosing toiletries for her, prefering natural and organic products.


Childs Farm Organic Baby Toiletries

Recently we received Child’s Farm Little Essentials Kit as gift, containing four natural baby products; Hair & body wash, Hair detangler for flowing locks, Moisturizer for silky skin and 3-in-1 swim. First when I saw set in a resealable plastic zip-lock bag and coloured bottles I thought we have got paint for craft projects LOL. After a closer look and reading back of the packaging I realized those little fun bottles, with farm animals pictures, are actually set of organic baby toiletries. I was so excited to try them after I read about company and all the positive parent’s reviews who recommended Child’s Farm eco-friendly products. Usually I do not write reviews, but after we tried Child’s Farm, I am thrilled and wanted share with you how my little girl’s baby skin is perfectly nurtured after just few days of using these eco-friendly products.

Although bottles are 50ml small, which I personally find to small for every day use, but are perfect as a baby gift for new parents, to try natural products and see how do they work for their baby, or set would do great for short trips too. There are also big packaging of 250ml sold separately if you find them great and wanna continue everyday use, what I would definitely recommend.

And the best part of it is smell, unlike other products for sensitive baby skin, these smells so mild and natural. Oh I wish I could give you that delicious scent over the computer. All four products smell differently and so yummy.

Hair & Body Wash for Dirty Rascals is creamy and soapy, is easy to wash it out and smells like sweet orange. Mild scent stays even skin is dry. I have to say I am not a fan of scented, especially perfumed baby products, but this natural organic essential oil scent is so fascinating and yummy that I was sniffing my baby like crazy LOL. 3 in 1 swim we tried in the bathtub to wash head to toe and is nice and soapy too. Cleans skin and hair well and leaves skin moisturizer. Smells like strawberry and mint. It is basically shampoo, conditioner and body wash all in one. Also would recommend this 3 in 1 if you are going for a trip, so you don’t have to carry to many little bootless, this one will serve perfectly.

Childs Farm Hand and Body Lotion for Silky Skin smells like grapefruit and tea tree and is nice and creamy. It takes few moments to absorb and skin stays nicely hydrated, not oiled, but soft and dry, for a long time. Actually till the next bath time her skin was soft and well hydrated. I have to admit I used Hair detangler on my curly hair as my daughter’s hair is still so soft. So it took a real test on real hair and have to say did a good job. I sprayed it and brushed knots, as instructions said, and within a minute I was done. I am sure it works great on baby hair as well if the baby has tangles and you are searching for gentle, no tear, natural solution.

I was very pleased to find out that Child’s Farm uses over 98% naturally derived ingredients; contains organic essential oils, are free from paragons, SLSs, mineral oils or artificial colours. Natural organic ingredients are exactly what I want to use on my baby’s sensitive skin, no less. All products are suitable for newborns and upwards and dermatologist approved for sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

Childs Farm little essentials kit

In the end I wanna to tell you how much I liked the bag. It is sturdy zip lock bag and can be reused for small things, toys or accessories. We used ours for A’s hair clips and rubbers.

reused zip lock Childs Farm bag

I would definitely recommend you to try these great Child’s Farm products, no matter your baby have sensitive skin or not. If you have more children you definitely can have only one brand with no worries for sensitive skin, as Child’s Farm organic skin products are suitable for every child.

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