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Exit survival mode,

Enjoy calmer house and happier kids 


You realize your toddler spends too much time in front of the TV, tablet or your phone

… and, you’re mentally tired of fighting tantrum every-time screen time ends.

But … The screen is the only way you can keep him quiet while you get baby to sleep or to have some housework done.

You noticed how much of his pretend play are recycled plots and dialogues from shows. It starts to worry you.

You also notice changes in your child.

He is moody. He doesn’t listen to you. He doesn’t pay attention. He throws tantrums …

He zones out and doesn’t take an interest in anything else.


It is time for a change but you find it really hard to find screen-free activities that don’t require you doing it with a child.

You want to keep control of a decent amount of screen time, but don’t know what to do and from where to start.


Here is the solution for you.

This program is designed to walk you through the process of setting screen-time limits.

You will also get guidance for incorporating more creative independent play with personalized plan to get back on a track with lowering screen time and more creative activities.


We’ve been setting a standard and keeping to it, which has led to our son already anticipating our response and knowing that there are other options. Thank you for your guidance“- Lisa


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