DIY Baby Sun Hat and Matching Mary Jane Shoes

We should be very careful when thinking of sun protection, especially for babies and kids with their sensitive skin. Here is the idea to make cute cotton DIY baby sun hat and  matching baby Mary Jane shoes. Good hats should provide shade to the face, back of neck, eyes and ears. Hat with a brim that shades the eyes can reduce UV radiation to the eyes by 50%.

DIY sunhat and mary jane shoes baby

You need two matching cotton fabrics for this little project and little bit velcro for shoes.

I  used pattern and instructions from prettyprudent.comThis design works great for both, babies and kids.

pattern baby sun hatYou may take measurement of your baby’s head or you can use average head circumference.

Newborn: 12 – 14″
3-6 months: 14 -17″
6-12 months: 16 -19″
12 months – 3 years: 18 -20″
3 years -10 years: 19 -21″

Use pattern below by making bottom of the dome being 1/3 of your measurement. For example if size is 17″  your dome base will be 5,6″.  And then the brim is gauged by the base of your dome. That means that the base of the dome should be the distance between the inside cut of the brim.

You can download pattern here and follow instructions at

Enjoy your summer!


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