Easy to make In A Day: Waldorf Baby Doll Toy

Waldorf baby doll toy is a simple, natural and snuggly. Waldorf doll brings so many benefits for the child. A neutral expression allows a child to develop his imagination and to see the doll as happy, sleepy, angry, sad or whatever situation is. What I love the most is that fabric and wool makes her warm and absorb the scent of the child.


DIY Waldorf Baby Doll

DIY Waldorf Baby Doll Toy

I have been browsing DIY Waldorf dolls for months, wanted to make one for my daughter and waited until she will be ready to play with a doll. A. didn’t care much about plush toys or dolls up until she was around 10-11 months. Around that time she started to cuddle and discovered hugging. If you are a mom than you know how precious those little hugs are.

Every time she hugs me or daddy my heart melts. So she started to hug everything…

…toys, books, pillows, food, spoons, plates… like everything she would play with.

So I knew it is time for our DIY Waldorf baby doll toy.

I would like to thank Farmish Momma for the inspiration. Her tutorial inspired me at the first place and gave me courage to start this ‘big’ project. I am saying big because I never before made a real doll.

So my idea was to practice making doll’s head and keep the body as simplest possible for this very first time.  And that is how our baby Waldorf doll was born.

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 Baby Waldorf doll’s head

I am happy how head turned out and think her expression is pretty cute. It took three attempts to make eyes equal. Cheeks are made with natural doll making red wax.

Unfortunately I haven’t take pictures of making head as I was so occupied by doing it and trying to make things right. But if you follow Farmish Momma‘s tutorial your will be fine, she explained everything to the detail.

Waldorf Doll Head and DIY Crochet Hat
I had some cute yarn and crocheted hat. I don’t have the pattern for it as I am not skilled in crochet so I just made it up. But it looks neat and favourite A’s play is taking the hat off and making me to put it on again and again… and again… 🙂

I haven’t got a heart to sew it on doll’s head yet.

Waldorf baby Doll toy - Head


Baby Waldorf doll’s body (free pattern)

I got into trouble when head was finished and it was time to make body. As usual I browsed Pinterest and become overwhelmed so I turned off computer, took some fabric , placed head on it and draw the body.

First attempt was not so successful as I was hoping. Didn’t like the body proportion.

Waldorf Doll Body

So I tried another idea which was much better.

Waldorf Doll Simple Body

If you like this simple look, I made a Baby Waldorf Doll Free Pattern that you can download and print out.


After the body was done I cut top of the hands and insert skin coloured hands. But realized it was totally unnecessary step. You may do hands same as feet end and keep things simple, just place little wool ball in corner and tie thread above it.

Waldorf Doll Baby

For the stuffing I used 100% wool but didn’t stuff all body, just made few balls, one for each hand, legs and for the body I didn’t need anything because there was big leftover from head/neck. I wanted this baby Waldorf doll to be fluffy but heavy a bit so I made  ‘rice pillows’.

Basically I took a piece of fabric, fold it in a half, sew two sides and left one opening to put rice in. After rice was in place I sewed third side. Simple as that.

Rice pillow for doll
It looked like this one at the photo, but smaller, because I experimented and make them to big at first. So right size for this pattern would be 1.5 inch x 2 inch long, and you will need two to these ‘pillows’, one for each leg.

DIY Baby Waldorf Doll

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And here it is, our one day DIY Waldorf baby doll toy project. I hope you like it and that I inspired you to make one for your child using free pattern.  I can’t wait to make real 12′ Waldorf doll so be sure to subscribe and don’t miss that project too.


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