DIY Felt Board In Just 5 Minutes

Preview: Tutorial how to make super easy felt board for your story time. 

DIY Felt Board that will make home for endless story times

Today I’m gonna share with you how to make easy DIY Felt Board in just 5 minutes. To be honest, this easy DIY project has been going on for more than two weeks for me. As I wanted my board to be firm I was thinking what should I do and what to use. Wanted to be light weight but firm and of course cheap. Any of ideas found on internet wasn’t satisfying.

So I finally bought 0.5 meter of dark blue felt hoping I’ll think harder. And ta-da it worked!
Canvas from Dollarama!! For just $3 it worked great.
diy felt board canvas

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So here is how I did it when I finally had felt and canvas.

diy felt boardI’ve cut felt around canvas, leaving approximately 4-5 cm from each side.

Than I stapled it all around canvas and that was it.

diy felt board stapled

This DIY Felt board was done in just five minutes and it will provide hours of playful learning.  It seems so simple but felt board stories provide more intriguing way for sharing a rhyme or short story. Also, felt play provides hands-on learning, stretches children’s imaginations, helps in developing the brain and memorization capacity and many more benefits. Possibilities for imaginative play are endless.


Felt Board Story Five Little Ducks Went Out One Day

Brown Bear, brown bear what do you see? – free template


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