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It is the busiest time of the year preparing Christmas gifts. With all the orders I’m currently making I couldn’t resist to make one small gift for my 2,5 year old nephew – finger puppets animals and felt barn inspired by famous Old McDonald rhyme.

Felt Barn Old Mcdonald Animals

It’s been a while ago now how he started pretend play. It is so natural for children to invent stories and creative settings. With puppets they feel empowered to speak and behave on behalf of the character.  Also he adores animals and John Deere tractor is his favourite toy, so finger puppets are gonna be perfect for his plays. And when he is done playing he can put animals inside the farm, close the door with velcro and store them.

Finger Play Puppets Old McDonlad

The animals fit perfectly in pocket so once stored he can take his farm wherever he wants. It is also perfect for quiet play in the car.

It took only an hour to make barn and five animals, mostly because I didn’t sew all parts, but used hot glue and black pen to draw eyes.  So I would say it wasn’t so hard to make it especially knowing it will bring hours and hours of fun play.

Finger Puppets in Barn inspired by Old McDonald

I really fall in love this animal farm while making it and finger puppets inspired my imagination so I can’t wait to include it in my next farm quiet book.

Hope this simple but cute finger puppets inspired you too to make similar project for your toddler.

Lily Zunic

I believe every person is creative and every craft project is beautiful when you create for the journey of your heart.

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