Perfect handcrafted gift that will blow up your child’s imagination

INSIDE: Peek into my most popular farm quiet book for toddlers which is full of fun surprises for little fingers to explore.

It took many late hours to prepare, cut all tiny pieces and then to sew them together into fun toddler activity book. When you go throughout pages it’s like is  calling you to play, no matter how old are you.

Farm Quiet Book for Toddlers

Last week I shared easy  Farm Animals Finger Puppets felt project which was gift for my nephew.  Don’t know is it coincidence or not, but right around that time I received custom order for little farm boy.

I couldn’t wait to start making it.  When I make my books it is like I’m playing using all my imagination and skills.

And now here it is: My very first Farm Quiet Book.

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Materials I used for this project:

Hope you are gonna enjoy it and get inspired to make one of your own. Ultimate quiet book guide will provide you with tips you need to know and you can download a free worksheet to help you with planning and design.

Peekaboo Farm Animals Quiet Book Page

Peekaboo far animals pages is hiding many animals, such as sheep, foggy, rabbit, piggy, chicks, hedgehog…


handmade farm quiet book for toddlers


Bird in a tree from peekaboo quiet book page

Farm Animals Quiet Book Page

Animals Quiet Book

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Semi Quiet Book


I adjusted shape page for this little boy who love semis too.

Semi Shapes on Velcro Quiet Book

Tractor and garden page in one.

Tractor and Corn Page

Barn and finger puppets animals.

Farm Animals Finger Puppets Quiet Book

As he also love sports I’ve added football ball with lace on the cover.

Felt Football Ball Quiet Book

Personalized cover for this quiet book.

Farm Animals Quiet Book Cover

I’m so satisfy knowing that this farm quiet book will provide hours of play to little farm boy.

In the end, if you would like to order farm quiet book I suggest you browse   for custom order or purchase beautifully pre made  handcrafted books.

>Download a free worksheet to plan your DIY Quiet Book if you decide to go with one of your own.

Felt Farm Animals PDF pattern + Tutorial 

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Handcrafted farm quiet book that would make perfect gift for children. Details and activity pages will easily blow up your child's imagination. Click to peek into pages. Get inspired

Lily Zunic

I believe every person is creative and every craft project is beautiful when you create for the journey of your heart.


  1. Carrie Neises | 9th Apr 20

    Where did yo get your felt?
    Want to purchase off amazon. I want a nice soft nice quality for my daughters busy book. there are so many and i’m not sure what to purchase.
    Could you please help me

    • Lily Zunic | 29th Apr 20

      Hi Carrie, I buy my felt at Michaels or at Amazon. You can find Amazon links in my blog posts, it is 3mm thick eco felt that I use the most.

  2. Joy | 14th Feb 17

    What materials did you use to get the bed of the truck to tilt? Can you describe how you did it?

    • Lily Zunic | 14th Feb 17

      Joy, I used felt. I cut felt in to a shape of bed of the truck and sewed together, leaving top open. In the bottom of the left bottom corner I made little hole using eyelet. Final step was to sew shank button, throughout whole, to the fabric underneath. Shank leaves just enough space in between so bed of the truck can tilt. Hope this explanation will help you. If you need anything else, please let me know.

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