One Of The Easiest Ways How To Make Felt Iron On Letters

Inside: Find out how to make felt iron on letters for quiet book cover page or other kids projects.

When it comes to appliqués for your DIY projects it can be hard to find what you are looking for, and also, sometimes it gets too pricey. With making quiet books I came to a solution for making my on iron-on felt letter appliqués, at first for personalized covers and later for other busy book activities.

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How to make felt iron on letters for a quiet book cover page

Ironing letters instead sewing can save you lots of time. I use Steam-A-Seam fusible interfacing that is double sided.

I like it for few reasons:

  • it has double sided temporarily stick so you can make adjustments
  • relatively cheap (especially if you compare to a time that you will save)
  • printer friendly
  • bonds permanently when ironed

It also has one big benefit for me: Steam-A-Seam is sewable (means it wont gum your needle if you decide stitch it). Sometimes I use it for pieces that has to be on their place precisely, so I will temporarily stick it on a background to hold its place and stitch it instead ironing. The reason I use stitch is for decorative purposes mainly, some objects look much better if they are stitched.

So here we go, follow these instructions to make your own iron-on letters appliqué.



On a marked side of a fusible web print out desired letters. Place fusible web sheet in to a printer carefully and if needed cut it to printer size (Sheets that I got are slightly bigger than printer sized paper).

In this tutorial I did ‘quiet book’ title for my quiet book cover page. Letters are printed in a mirror image so once appliqué letters are placed on cover, letters will look right.

Cut out roughly around letters and save the rest of the fusible web sheet for other project. Peel off first paper layer from double sided fusible web. Means printed letters are stay on a fusible web. You will get sticky surface that you stick on the felt (or fabric) from which you want to cut out letters. Press firmly to a felt/fabric.

Peel off first layer from double sided fusible web.

Cut out each letter separately.

diy iron on felt letters appliqué tutorial

Peel of remaining interfacing from each letter.

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Stick appliqué letters to a fabric surface. Use ruler, or piece of a cardboard, to make straight line if you are spelling a word.

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Up to this part you can still remove felt letters and rearrange them or make adjustments if needed.  Fusible web is sticky enough to hold felt appliqué on its place but also allows you to take it off easily if needed.

When all letters are in place and you are satisfied, it is time to fix it on a fabric with iron.  Place light cotton fabric on top of felt letters and iron on for 20 seconds, pressing firmly. Check if each part is fixed well, if not repeat process with iron.

NOTE: Felt will melt and stick to iron plate if you don’t use fabric layer in between. (I use cheap iron for my craft projects because sooner or latter accident happen and I end up with messy iron plate).

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And here you go. You now know how to make felt iron on letters for your quiet book page or any other project. Same process can be applied to any fabric, not just felt.

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Easy way how you can make felt iron on letters for quiet book or any DIY kids project. Click for step by step tutorial. #feltletters #ironon #quietbook #aplhabet #applique #DIY #sew #sewingmama #DIYquietbook


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  1. Hazel | 24th Mar 19

    Stupid question, but how do you print the letters backwards?!

    • Lily Zunic | 24th Mar 19

      Hazel, after you write letters on your computer, before printing, turn them into mirror image. Hope that helps.

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