Simple Ocean Activities For Preschoolers: Ocean Small World

Inside:  How to set up small world ocean activities for preschoolers in a shallow container that will bring summer joy for kids and opportunity to learn through play.

How exciting and fun is to get play in a small world that looks like real!? Looks like it is calling your little one to explore and play.

Small world set up is great activity for kids that will provide fun but also opportunity to learn about different habitats, living creatures, weather conditions and many more. Babies can participate to experience sensory play and different textures. Together with accompanying themed book it can fit learning through play for toddlers, preschoolers and K-graders.


Ocean Small World Play and Exploration For Hot Summer Days

Can you point at one kid that doesn’t love water play?  I know I can’t. And I know my daughter will never miss opportunity for water play or any kind of splashing. Even if that means just jumping in the muddy puddles.

When I set up this simple ocean small world she run in an excitement and played for more than 30 minutes first time. Even now, a year later, I set it up once in a while and it is always fun. It comes as part of our ‘toy rotation game’. By rotating toys and kids activities on a regular basis you can achieve element of a surprise for your kids and avoid that some toys sit in a bottom of a box. If you haven’t try that I encourage you to try out. You will be surprised how easily they forget and it looks to them like it is a super new toy.

But now, let me show you how easily you can set up sensory water bin.

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For ocean small world you will need:

Sea creatures toys for small world play.

Small world ocean activities for preschoolers set up:

Pour water in to baking dish, fill it about half way.
Add few drops of blue colouring and stir gently. Add one by one drop to achieve desired tone.
Set up a scene using stones.
Place animals and invite your child to play.

Ocean water bin sensory play. Perfect sensory activity for kids and babies.

This ocean activities for preschoolers will encourage imaginative play, sensory exploration and boost language skills while learning new facts. If you have more kids the better. You can extend play with other small worlds, like farm animals, woodland, north pole or jungle.

Here are some great books that you can prepare for this activity:

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That way, after playing is done you can read and find more about sea creatures they just played with. Learning how sea animals sound, what they eat or how they behave will give child some new ideas to play and practice new knowledge.

Ocean small world activity bin that is easy to set up . Water play and deep see exploration will delight kids. Perfect to learn about sea creatures. Click to find out more.

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