Our Fairy Garden

This summer I’ve made our first fairy garden. It was such an enormous fun and relief to do something just out of full pleasure. I really enjoyed playing, making miniatures constructing and painting, making perfect miniature fairy garden for our little friends fairies. It took me miles away from everyday responsibilities being a mom.  Living with a child is both demanding and rewarding, every mom knows that. It requires energy to create harmonious life, and there is often very little time for other activities. Being a good mom also means to take care of yourself. One thing that is necessary for a happy and healthy child is to have happy and healthy mother. So knowing that I let myself go.

Welcome to our fairy garden!

fairy garden bycicle

Miniature Fairy Bicycle made of buttons and wire, popsicle fence.

fairy garden clothesline

Fairy garden clothesline made of fabric scraps.

fairy garden in a pot

Hope you enjoyed walk throughout our Fairy Garden.


Lily Zunic

I believe that engaging kids in to creative play doesn’t have to be overwhelming, messy or time consuming.

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