How To Make Simple Bunny Mask Even If You Are Not A ‘Crafty’ Person

Making Paper Plate Bunny Mask is fun and easy craft activity for kids, no matter what age.

How To Make Simple Bunny Mask

So here is the idea how to make Paper Plate Bunny Mask. It is very simple and easy craft project. Let me just say that here is many ways of doing it. You can even challenge older kids to make bunny mask out of paper plate the way they imagine it should be. Give them bunch of supplies and let them be creative.

Materials you will need:


1.Draw bunny face on a first  plate using permanent marker. Make eyes little bigger and cut smaller holes inside the circle.

2.With hot gun glue pink pom pom in a middle to ale bunny’s nose.

3. Use glue gun to place wooden stick on a back

4. Use other paper plate to cut out ears and glue them.

5.When all pieces are on place, use paint brush to paint inside of ears and let it dry.

paper plate bunny mask craft project

Simple isn’t it?

Please note, supervise and help your kids while doing this craft project as it requires use os scissors and hot glue, which is extremely hot and can cause burns!


How to make paper plate bunny mask



Lily Zunic

I believe that engaging kids in to creative play doesn’t have to be overwhelming, messy or time consuming.

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