Soulful journal making workshop: May 29th 12-2 pm


Join us fo creative and exploratory experience where we are going to create a unique and personal handmade journal.

May 29th, 2023, Monday 12-2 pm

Location:  Oceanside Art Studio, 124 Harlech Road, Qualicum Beach
The entrance is at the crossing of Primrose St and 1st Ave W



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Soulful journal making is a creative and exploratory experience that invites participants to create a unique and personal handmade journal using found materials and ephemera. The process of creating a soulful journal can be deeply meaningful and therapeutic.

It encourages participants to slow down, be present at the moment, and engage in a mindful and creative practice that allows them to connect with their inner selves.

This workshop is a safe and supportive space for participants to connect with their creativity, embrace imperfection, cultivate a deeper connection with themselves, and nourish their souls.

Participants will gather a variety of materials such as papers, book pages, fabric scraps, and other found objects, and then assemble them into a journal using a variety of techniques.

To enhance the creative expression and visual appeal of a journal we will embellish the pages with printmaking, stitching, collaging, and creating unique personalized designs that will be incorporated into the pages of the journal.

No experience, craft or art skills are needed.

If money is the issue feel free to reach out to figure it out.

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