Pumpkin coloring projects – Free Printable

This week we started Halloween countdown. We got some Halloween books from library and I made sure we have all supplies for our little Halloween crafts projects. First on our list are coloring projects.


Pumpkin coloring projects


I prepared pumpkin template and each day we had one coloring theme to explore using template. So far we are at day four and we colored our pumpkin with wax,  water colors  and we taped pumpkin with paper tape.
But the best project was with DIY puff paint. It is super simple  and cheap to make your own puff paint in any colour you want. Let me share with you recipe I tried this time.


DIY Puff Paint

As I like to keep things simple I made our own puff paint using just three ingredients and recipe is really easy to follow. It takes just a few minutes to gather supplies and mix together.

Ingredients & recipe:

-1/4 cup shaving cream
-1/4 cup white glue
-color of your choice (we used acrylic paint, but any pain can be used, even food colors).

Mix all ingredients together and your homemade puff paint is ready for fun projects.

homemade diy puf paint

This paint was not as puffy I expected but it was thick and smelled nice (shaving creme). It was good enough for this simple project considering it was free and quickly made.

diy puf painf

Keep in mind that these pumpkin projects are really simple and suitable for a young toddler. My girl is just under two and no matter how painting is interesting for her our project last for five or up to 10 minutes. So one template each day is rely enough. If you have older kids you may add other options and explore different techniques to see what effect can be got using different paints.



Pumpkin – FREE Printable

If you like this idea of pumpkin coloring projects you can download and print FREE pumpkin template. And don’t forget  share it with your friends.

pumpkin-free coloring printable

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