Quiet Book Ideas – Button Fishes Quiet Book Template

Preview:  One of the most popular quiet book templates is buttoning activity to practice everyday life skills. In this post you will find free template to make it yourself.

Let’s learn buttoning skills!

Button Fishes Page –  Quiet Book for toddlers with Free Template

Button fishes are simple to make and it is possible to make little fishes and grass no sew.  But you will have to sew buttons and if yo need help with that just google. It is easy and quick project

You will need:

Print out Button Fishes Quiet Book Page Template and cut 8 fishes in total, be sure to make two pieces of the same colour.

Glue or sew two fishes of same colour and cut button-hole in the middle, depending of your button size.

You can also make fishes in one layer but I would not recommend that if you work with standard 3 mm thick felt sheets. Under constant pressure and button off it may tear very quickly. That is why two layers make sense.

Cut sea grass and glue or sew it on your quiet book page. Sew buttons securely on your page and play can begin.

Felt fishes for Button Quiet Book page

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Add more skills and activities:

  • match button and fish colours and your toddler will be able to play by matching colors
  • use different size buttons which is great to practice motor skills practicing first with big and then with small holes
  • for teaching numbers and counting you may place numbers on fishes, made of felt or with permanent marker
  • make fishes in different sizes and task for your kid can be sort them from small to big which will  help them understand sizes and teach them basic mathematical concepts


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Toddlers love tasks as it gives them a great sense of achievement when they complete a given task. Do you have any ides how to extend play with this Button Fishes quiet book page?


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Button fishes quiet book page for toddlers to practice buttoning skills. Click fro free pattern download



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