Welcome to my resources page where I share the resources, services and tools that I personally use and find helpful for myself as a mom, my business and my family.

This will be your one stop shop for the tool, program, service or supplies that will help you slow down your busy life and instantly help you have more creative and quality time with your kids.  As I learn more as a parent and develop idea of this website, I will continue to add great new products and useful tools to the page.


Please note this page does contain some affiliate links.  This means that should you purchase from some of these links, I will receive a small commission from the sale at no extra cost to you which helps me maintain this website.  Please know that the products on this page represent what I honestly feel to be the best products or programs out there, commission or no commission. 

Sewing tools and equipment for beginners


Sewing machine – Great computerized Singer sewing machine for beginners that is easy to use ad has everything you need for beginner or intermediate skills.

Free Sewing Machine Basics Course : In this free mini Craftsy class with Amy Alan you’ll learn how to thread, clean and use your machine plus course cover basic troubleshooting.

Allfreesewing.com: – Free resources, sewing patterns and basics tutorials if you are at beginning of your sewing journey.

DIY Quiet Book


Etsy – huge resource for various quiet book page patterns and entire quiet books for sale

Craftsy – Also big selection of quiet book patterns, both free and paid, uploaded by users.

Ultimate Guide About Quiet Books   – Place to start learn more about quiet books, you will find materials listed that I personally use when making quiet books plus links to helpful tutorials, tips and more patterns.

Quiet book materials – huge list of all materials that I use when making my quiet books

Crafts, Arts And Kids Activities


Craft an art supplies for kids – List of the most common craft and art supplies you should have on hand. Includes list of inexpensive household items, materials that you can gather in nature plus materials from recycle bin.Download free printable version to have it on hand.

LeisureArts –  Instructional craft publications which include ebooks, digital downloads, DVDs and video publications. Among many you will find Kids crafts  and sewing projects for kids tutorials.

Creativebug  – Tutorials for various craft projects and have variety of classes, from sewing, quilting and yarn work to paper crafting and jewelry making. This is a great option if you are just starting out. You can get tutorials and how-tos on YouTube, but the quality will not be as good as those in Creativebug’s collection.

Mom Life Resources


Take care for your mental health and stay positive starting with these 20 powerful affirmations  that will make you the calmest mom on the block.

We all get overwhelmed on regular basis, so set yourself for a calm and successful day with tips from Happy You Happy Family.

Try out life saving tips for how to get housework done with keeping your little ones happy. Includes free printable Kids chore list to help you out.

Establishing routine can be daunting task, I know because I have been there. Read what was the game changer for us: how to make your daily routine to work and how did 8-10 month sleep regression helped to our family.

Protect your little ones wooden toys with amazing DIY beeswax polish (tutorial).

Looking for special unique gifts for your little ones that are not mass produced and chemicals free? Browse Etsy to find handmade gifts  and handcrafted toys for nay occasion.

Want More?

Follow my Pinterest Board Mom Life for the best parenting tips. You will get inspired with other moms solutions and life saving hacks for parents.

Crafts & DIY  Blogging Resources

MailerLite – Email marketing service that helps you get subscribers for your business, manage sending email campaigns and automated campaigns, all that with detailed reports and super helpful customer support. The thing I love the most about it is that is totally free for the first 1000 active subscribers and without limits. Means you have access to same all features as the users with tons of subscribers that are paying for service. That is why I opted in for MailerLite at the first place.

Sticky Blogging SEO –  A lot of blogging courses don’t deliver, but I can vouch that this SEO course is totally worth your time (and money).  When I start blogging I’d heard about SEO, but I never really understood how to get my posts ranked on Google – or why it was supposed to be such a big deal. But then I took an SEO course designed just for bloggers and it changed my traffic forever. I took this course more than a year ago and doubled my organic traffic in just two months applying simple strategy.  What I love about it, it is simple, not science as I thought SEO is, and it is designed for bloggers.

Canva – photo editing tool that I can not live without. I still use free version which allows me import my own photos, edit, make collage, create overlays, design pinnable images plus I can find free photos and illustrations I need to. With free account you also can import up to three brand colours you use and save them for a quick selection.

Etsy – marketplace where I first started to sell my quiet books (and still sell them). I just love the whole idea how they promote handcrafted work. How it works, you pay small fee for each listing plus commission when you sell a product. That is pretty fair and reasonable if you take in to account this is ‘plug and play’ and does not require any investment from your side.  If you open store using this link you will earn 40 free listings.  


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