How to make simple DIY matching game when you have no time

After a long day and so much stuff to do around the house I was just to tired to plan and prepare our next day activities.

Familiar with that story?

It happens to me all the time. And with a toddler hanging on my leg from time she wakes up, there is no way I can prepare anything. So what did I do again? I pulled out my list of easy and simple DIY kids activities.

I am not ashamed of 5 minute prep activities.   You wanna know why?  Because the simplest DIY matching game ever is actually a great developmental game full of benefits.

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Simple DIY Matching Game

I am not joking when I tell you it is the simplest game ever, you have all you need around house and you just have to gather it.

wooden and felt toys

Now, grab some toys which are different by shape, find big cardboard or paper and marker. I just grabbed two construction papers and picked few toys that are laying there after todays play.

Arrange toys on a cardboard or paper and trace them with marker. If you are afraid marker will leave traces on toys, use pencil first and then bold shapes with marker. Actually, I did it that way because there is no way to wash off marker from wooden or felt toys.

trace toys shape matching game

Invite your toddler to match toys to its shape on a cardboard. It is fun and amusing. My daughter did it over and over again.

match toys to its shapes

When they loose attention you can make another one with different toys. You can also make it easier or harder, depending on your child’s age and developmental milestones. Like using big or small toys, slightly similar shapes or totally different etc.

I am really in love in this simple idea. When I saw version of it on Instagram I knew I have to make it and share it with you. Sure it is the simplest game ever that saved our day.

Have fun and share with your friends!

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  1. Kristen | 5th Apr 17

    Great idea! I have a three year old and I know he would live this. Such a great idea – thanks for sharing!

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