Sensory Books For Babies: Fun Way To Explore Touch

Babies love colours and discover different textures. Sensory Books For Babies are a treat for little ones, it will give opportunity to explore fabric textures with fingers, admire bright colours and in general it will approve hand-eye coordination.

And here is a fun fact about baby touch from

“After birth, touch sensitivity develops faster in the left hand than the right hand.  This is because because our right brain is really good at processing information about shapes and spatial properties.
Newborn girls are more touch sensitive than boys, and this often lasts throughout life as well. Females can sense lighter touches.  However, boys show a bigger difference between left/right side sensitivity than girls.” 


Soft Baby Sensory Book

When my little A. was only 4 months old I made for her Soft Baby Sensory book. She explored pages one by one, puling ribbons and touching textures not knowing much about the world around her. Inside the pages is filled with batting which gives more softness for little fingers and makes it easier to grasp. It was a neat introduction to toys.

Even now when she is older she loves it. She especially love to test new books I made, but who wouldn’t love that?  I believe soon we will be using this small book for teaching first words as well.

I am so happy when I get opportunity to make custom baby book and place baby name on the covers. It makes it such a precious gift for the little one which will last as a life long memory of those special days full filed with exploration of new senses. Like this one for the little Claire.

Personalized Soft Baby book

So here I am going to show you pages I usually design for my Sensory Books For Babies. There are some variations and difference in details but in general I stick with what babies love the most and is proven to be the most fun for sensory exploration.

Each page has some details, textures or activity related as this snail with ‘pipe cleaners’, or teddy bear made of soft snuggly fabric.

Personalized Baby Toy

Cloth Baby Book

Baby Soft Cloth Book

Sensory development Baby Toy

For the cover I always try to make something special, like loving message, but depending on personal preferences too. In most cases it will be more ribbons, like those peeking from cloud, as ribbons are irresistible to babies.

With so many details a give special attention to secure all tiny pieces, buttons and ribbons, using double stitch. However, adult supervision is always required during the play.

I love You Soft Book Cover with needle felted bear

Recently I have been working on adding some more actions to small pages and hopefully I am gonna show it to you soon. Meanwhile I hope you like my Soft Sensory Baby Books, and if you do please take a moment to share it.

If you would like to craft DIV baby sensory book on your own this pattern and tutorial is right place to start.

Soft Baby Sensory Book

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