Sparkly shamrock glitter crafts for fun afternoon

Preview: Super sparkly shamrock glitter crafts with free shamrock printables.

Love glitter crafts?
You are not alone.

After having fun with St. Patrick’s day crafts gluing green pasta we moved to sparkly glitter shamrock.  Simple as can be.

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To spice things up and go a bit more in to the St. Patrick’s day theme you can read a book together or play a game, which can follow with sparkly glitter crafts. We normally read a book as books are great resources of play ideas and inspiration for a story time.

How to catch a leprechaun?
It’s tougher than you think!
He’ll turn your whole house upside down.
He’s quicker than a wink!

by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky  (from How to catch a Leprechaun

Super sparkly glitter crafts shamrock

Materials you will need:


  • glue
  • non toxic green glitter
  • paintbrush
  • Construction paper

Start with drawing shamrock on a construction paper, give your kid to apply glue on shamrocks one by one. You may wanna use paintbrush to spread glue evenly. Make sure glue stays within lines as that will make  nice shamrock shape.

All done?

Now add glitter generously all over the glue.
Shake paper carefully until whole shamrock is covered.

You may wanna add more glitter or more glue if you see that there are some blanks.

The other way you can do it apply glue only on lines, like on the photo.

We did both ways because more glitter means more fun! You can play too.

After each shamrock is covered with glitter, shake excess glitter on a side and you can use it for next one.

Hope you enjoyed and be sure to check out our previous post:  St Patrick’s day activities for kids  : DIY Shamrock Lacing and Brilliant shamrock craft that kids will absolutely love.

Who doesn't love glitter crafts? Simple and easy crafts for kids to celebrate St. Patrick's day. You can make as many shamrocks as you want. Click for free printable.

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