Super Easy Bee And Ladybug Painted Rock For Kids

Preview: Looking for some rock painting ideas for kids?  Find the tutorial for bee and ladybug painted rock crafts for kids of all ages. Easy to make and fun to play with. 

After having fun creating these vivid stone ladybugs and bees we got a great outdoor toy that found a place in our fairy garden.

Here is how to make ladybugs and bee-painted rocks.

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Easy rock painting ideas for kids : Bee and Ladybug Painted Rock That Is Super Fun For Kids

My daughter loves these bees and ladybug crafts that we made of stones. The majority of the work I did on my own as she was to little to paint, but she helped on her own way. Most important, when we were all done she loved to play with them outside and carry them around. They still sit in our little fairy garden and every now and then are a great inspiration for play.

Ladybug painted rock that made fun rock crafts for kids

For this stone painting project you will need:

– nicely shaped round stones that you can gather on a nature walk or purchase if you wish
– red, white, and yellow acrylic paint
black permanent marker
Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer
googly eyes (optional)
– paintbrush

You may use black acrylic paint instead of a marker, but I find marker is much easier to draw straight lines and dots.

painted rocks crafts

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  • Wash and dry stones.
  • Paint rocks in red (for ladybugs) and yellow (for bees).
  • When dry use a black permanent marker to draw black stripes on yellow rocks to make bees and black head and dots to make ladybug.
  • Eyes: may use googly eyes or paint them. I painted eyes in a 4 steps, each time allowing paint to dry: first make a bigger white circle, then a smaller blue circle inside, than smaller black circle in the blue one and finally white dot. I used top of the paintbrush to make circles and toothpick at the end for the dot.
  • Bee’s wings:  dilute just a little bit of white paint with water, you want to get transparent white colour and draw wings as two very long oval shapes.


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If you intend to put painted rocks outside in the garden, apply one to two spray Mod Podge sealant coats and allow to dry. This will make a protective waterproof shield and keep your stone bugs in great shape.

Bees and Ladybug rock crafts would make great rock paintings for kids of any age and after they are made, can be used as outdoor toys, like tic tac toy, ladybug pet rock or decorations in your garden.

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Awesome DIY spring or summer project for toddlers. rock painting ideas for kids, Ladybug painted rock that make fun projects for kids. Stone painting Lady Bug and Bee craft are easy to make and makes neat decorative garden stones. Better yet, these stone painted bugs can be simple toy for children. Click for tutorial.
Rock painting ideas for kids


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