How To Make Story Painted Stones Even If You Don’t Know How To Draw

Inside: Find out how to make themed painted stones for story retelling on a ridiculously easy way.

I saw so many cool story telling rocks on Pinterest and keeping idea how we will draw our favourite characters one day. The truth is, that day never actually came. Drawing is not my strongest skill and my daughter is still too little for a such specific project.

I love simple and easy ways to entertain my kids and activities that doesn’t take much of my time for preparation. We had so much fun activities with stones and rocks  that I’ve decided to do even more creative stuff using already painted stones we made for rainbow stacking toy.

How To Make Painted Stones For Story Time Even If You Don’t Know How To Draw

The answer to this is pretty simple.

We used beautiful wooden stamp set with lots of different characters and objects to stamp the stones.  Usually  we do stamping on a paper making crafts and I thought why not stamp rocks.

Although we already had painted stones from previous project I will still list materials you need to paint them.

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Materials you will need :

  • nicely shaped stones  (washed)
  • acrylic paint and brushes
  • stamps with favourite characters, objects or animals
  • black stamp pad / ink

painted stones and stamping set to make story time rocks

If you already have stamps great, you can start right away. You may also consider to get themed set which is good option because with the set you normally get ink too.

Here are some of the wooden stamping sets that are ideal for toddler and preschooler stories:

We used set we already had got as a gift (and unfortunately not available online). I really like variety of the characters, mainly monsters and vehicles.

After you paint rocks with acrylic paint, let it dry and you can start stamping. Same as you would stamp on paper. I choose black ink pad, although we got pad with four colours. Black is really bold  while I found other colours a little pale.

After done with stamping story time can begin. Leave freedom to your child to make stories of his own.

For more creative ideas visit Independent Activities For Toddlers On The Budget.

painted rocks and stamps for making story time objects and characters

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This is a great opportunity for your child to play imaginative stories and made up stories. Have to say, my daughter is master at this.

Although, each her story starts with: “La, la, la, la … Hello! What are you doing there? … ”  story that comes after is so creative, detailed and played spontaneously.

As you see, you don’t have to know how to draw, but you still can make nicely stamped stones for story time.

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Easy to make story stones that anyone can make. Even if you don't know how to draw, this can be great kids activities idea you can do and have neat painted stones for story time. Add favourite story characters, favourite objects and play can begin. Click to find out more.

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