The One And Only List Of Quiet Book Materials You Will Ever Need

Inside: If you are thinking to make quiet book, this is right place for start. If you already began your DIY quiet book, this list of quiet book materials is great to find most common and less known materials you need, even to get some new ideas. Either way,  this ultimate list will help you to successfully finish your book.

Are you at begging of your crafting journey, eager to make your very own quiet book but don’t know how or where to start? Or you already started and have perfect idea how it should look like but you stuck because you can not find exact products you need to in order to continue sewing?

Either way you are on the right place.

But before we start let me tell you something. I have been there. When I started my first quiet book I didn’tknow how to start either. But passion of making me perfect gift for a special nephew made me determined to learn. After I finally started, I have been stuck and stop sewing trying to find exactly what I needed. I searched internet, browsed Pinterest at the nights, asked Google, asked people. I spent so many hours finding product that will be top quality and right fit for my project. I understand that you, like me, want the best quality and also wanna save hours in search for what would be the right fit.

Very last product I wanted to have and searched for it everywhere was baby safe mirror for Doll house quiet book (I included link for baby safe mirror on list bellow) and that is the one that actually inspired me to share my resource list. That time, I didn’t know there are mirror sheets for sewing. Same, I faced that some techniques I used, like tracing pattern on to felt didn’t work as expected. So I searched what can help me more and find out how can I be more productive and improve quality of my books.

This list will help you overcome that first step and give you idea where to start, It will also save you time finding what works and what’s not.

Products below in the list contain everything you will need (and more) to successfully start and complete your quiet book. In this huge list I cover everything from supplies for transferring pattern onto felt, cutting, gluing, sewing crafting activity book pages to materials you need for binding quiet book.

I use the best craft materials, sewing supplies and tools to help me make my fabric books in a top quality, durable, fun to explore and unique. In my quiet book guide you can find useful tips and quiet book ideas to help you on your journey, including quiet book patterns and other resources.

Here I share my the one and only list of ALL materials;

  • quiet book materials for activities (sewing notions, craft supplies, household items)
  • materials for making pages
  • materials for binding quiet book pages
  • tools

Let’s dig in!

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Ultimate List Of Quiet Book Materials : The one and only you will ever need

I get so many questions about materials I use or where I purchase them. I get all my cotton fabric and some of the materials in local fabric store, I sometimes purchase felt at Michaels when they have a good deal. Both, fabric store and Michaels a bit pricey, I found that I  can get exactly same product much cheaper on Amazon. That is why I linked quiet book supplies from this to where you can order it online.

For transferring patterns on to felt and/or fabric

Quilting water-soluble blue pencil

Tailor’s chalk

Freezer paper (tutorial the best way how to cut felt  with freezer paper)

Double sided fusible web 


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For busy book activities

Felt sheets(polyester) and/or felt scraps – cheap, good fit for most of the projects, variety of colours.

Wool felt more durable than polyester or ECO felt, less prone to stretching.

Korean felt more stiff than regular polyester felt, vivid colours, durable

Printed patterned felt – for making special details

Glitter felt – for some additional details (look in a local craft store for cheaper sheets)

Two sided fusible web (sew on, for fixing pieces to page prior to sewing and great for making appliqués)

Clear vinyl – good for cut it and sew  or tape for activities where you wanna make ‘glass’, like washing machine doors, oven doors, windows, picture frames, clear pouches etc.

Baby safe mirror – it comes in a sheets so you can cut it as desired and use for doll house or any other activity page that require mirror


Zippers  – I found 7 inches (18cm) is perfect size to use in busy book activities, even if it is too big for some projects you can shorten it on a size you need. (See also Felt Zipper Pouch Tutorial )


Magnetic snaps

Sew on snaps


Soft elastic

Googly eyes

Beads; plastic or wooden (I use wooden for all my projects)

Shoe laces – I purchase mine at Walmart as needed, but always thinking buying a bulk would be a good idea.

Pom poms

Popsicle sticks – use them for sorting colours activity

Miniature cloths pins – for clothesline activity


For making pages, assembling and binding quiet book

Fabric – for pages I use 100% fabric (usually printed), good choice is quilting fabric as it is good thickness

Fusible web – I use double-sided for making appliqués, letters or sometimes just to temporary fix piece of fabric when sewing.

Non – woven fusible fleece – for stiff pages like covers, fuses with iron, sewable and machine washable.

Felt glue or hot glue gun for tiny pieces


KAM snaps – for closure

Purse magnets – for closure

Eyelets– to secure holes, either for binding or activities, like lacing

Binder rings– the same ones used in binders, these are perfect for binding quiet book pages together


For drawing on a fabric

I use puff fabric paint for making cookie monster's cookie jar. Click for full list of quiet book materials.

Textile Marker – for adding small details like faces

Puff fabric paint  – I usually use them to make letters or numbers


Tools and sewing supplies 

singer sewing machine

Sewing machine – this is computerized sewing machine I use for past 3 years and could recommend (Related: If you are new to sewing you may wanna check out free beginner sewing machine video course that will teach you basic plus how to troubleshoot issues).

Thread – assorted colours

Sharp scissors

Fabric rotary cutter

Cutting board

Seam reaper

Heat bond – I use it for small pieces, like appliqués for tiny felt clothes and ribbons

Measuring tape

Sewing gauge


Fabric hole puncher 

Eyelet tool

KAM snaps pliers

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So this list will grove and I will add new items when I find out about new  useful quiet book materials.  Be sure to save this link and refer to it when you will need it.


The one and only list of quiet book materials you will ever need to successfully make quiet book. List of supplies, the most used tools and less common craft materials that will help you make awesome quiet book pages and quiet time activities. Helpful tips for making quiet book and crafting DIY gift for kids. Click for the list.


Lily Zunic

I believe every person is creative and every craft project is beautiful when you create for the journey of your heart.


  1. Linda Campbell | 19th May 21

    I appreciate you making this list and sharing. I do not sew. Will I still be able to make Quiet Books?
    Thank you.


    • Lily Zunic | 20th May 21

      Hi Linda, you can still make them using fabric glue or hot glue gun. I’ve never made it that way but I think with few alterations it is doable. In case you use glue, I recommend making a book pages and activities out of felt.

  2. Barbara Oros | 27th Apr 20

    I made a quiet book years and years ago for a grandchild and now I want to make one for my great-grandson. How the styles have changed. I have downloaded your planning sheet and appreciate the materials list. I have cut a piece of white paper the size of each page and sketching what I want to do. I’m so glad there are so many patterns available. I am a sewer and scrapbooker so hopefully I can get a good start during the quarantine for his November second birthday. You are a valuable source of information and it’s much appreciated.

    • Lily Zunic | 29th Apr 20

      Thank you so much Barbara, I’m so glad you find it helpful.

  3. Ina Spies | 17th Apr 19

    Thank you for your great advice. It is very practical.

  4. Lily Zunic | 3rd Sep 18

    Hi Katie. Thank you for signing up. You will get an email with link to a Printable library and password to access it in next 24 hours.

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