Cool Winter Crafts For Kids – Felt Fridge Magnets

Simple toys are the best. Especially when you can make them by yourself. Like these fun winter themed fridge magnets made of felt.
diy winter magnets for toddler

My little one is over 11 months now and she is still not able to play alone for more than a few short moments. Sometimes it drives me crazy especially when it is time to prepare a meal, and I cook from scratch three meals daily.  I’m also not a fan of leaving her cry or frustrated not getting my attention. I believe if she wants attention she should get it, but also I try to give her enough opportunities to explore on her own.
I keep my lower kitchen drawer filled with plastic containers, lids, wooden spoons and cloth napkins. I also keep one cupboard with pots and safe objects available to her. She loves to take things out, but it keeps her entertained for 2-3 minutes only and she is back hanging on my leg. Open dishwasher is tremendously fun for her too, so I let her help me (taking the spoons out) when she eagerly crawls across kitchen when she notice it’s open. And there is a fridge. Oh, open fridge is a real treasure. Lower shelves are filled again with ‘safe’ stuff, such as small boxes or well closed containers, small cans or unopened food. So she can have a quick peak.  It is my secret weapon to get an extra few moments when I have to finish something quickly.


Homemade Fridge Magnets

So, okay, she loves hanging around in the kitchen and every day she amazes me with new skills. That lead me to think what fun toy I could make for her to play in the kitchen. Of course, fridge magnets!

I bought craft magnets stripe at Dollar Store (which holds surpassingly well) and had felt scraps from my Quiet Books.

diy fridge magnets

Since it was just few days before Christmas it seemed to late for Christmas theme. I wanted something she would play next few weeks or months so I decided it is gonna be winter themed. It seems like a right choice since we have really long winters. By that I mean really, really long winters, up until May. Brrrr…

I decided to go with simple animals I would make easy and quickly as there is always a chance she wouldn’t be interested in it.

winter fridge magnets made of felt

I made snowman and penguin from my head and for little owl and fox I already had a pattern from my Soft Baby Books.  And I remembered few days ago I saw tutorial on Pinterest for this very cute snowflake.  I wanted to make it too, it doesn’t matter it isn’t an animal.

homemade winter magnets snowflake and snowman

I’ve got cute collection of felt homemade winter magnets. And my daughter loves them. She loves taking them off, of course. When she sits in her high chair she is pointing at them with smile. It melts my heart when she enjoys and hugs homemade toys I made for her.

winter fridge magnets for kids play

Do you make your own toys? Does your child love homemade toys?

Lily Zunic

I believe every person is creative and every craft project is beautiful when you create for the journey of your heart.

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