20+ powerful daily affirmations that will make you the calmest mom on the block

You would be amazed what powerful daily affirmations can do for you if used regularly. With having your desired positive state on your mind and having right emotion in your heart you could be whatever mom you want to. Just remember….

There is no such thing as perfect mom…

Being a mom is very challenging role, if not the most channeling person can ever experience. Every mom knows that, but not one of them would change it.

I have found that affirmations work the best for me when I am all wrapped in negative state of mind and don’t know how to switch to positive thinking.  After I found these powerful daily affirmations everything changed.

I admit, as a first time mom, I had very bad moments coping with all new things that came along with having a baby. Every time I would master something, new challenge would arise. Like for example sleeping habits; as soon we went throughout establishing our routine after  9 month sleep regression, separation anxiety came with starting daycare at 12 months. Then eating habits, potty training, than again sleeping, than discipline issues and on top of everything, always messy house.

Just couple of months after our baby girl came to our family,  I realized I am loosing control and needed ‘tools’ to help ground me.  I worked with affirmations before I got pregnant, used them in my Hypnobirth relaxations prior delivery, but after baby came, I was all sucked in that “baby thing” forgetting to take care for myself. And I strongly believe that mom has to be happy and satisfied in order to be good mom to her baby.

Our mind can be easily preoccupied with negative thoughts and worries. We do not even realize that, but throughout the day average person has between 50,000-70,000 thoughts, meaning that person has between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute. And most of them negative. Projecting our worries, fears, frustrations, it is all about that little voices chattering in our heads non-stop, from the moment we open our eyes in the morning.

If you never worked with affirmations before, don’t worry. Affirmations are short positive statements in present tense which are helping us to get our desired goals.

They are also excellent to achieve desired state of mind. I had great success using them in my work and for my personal development. It is the best write one or few affirmations that you believe are good for you and keep them on visible spot. Like hang it on mirror. It will be your reminder.

So the key is to repeat them many times throughout the day. The best results can be achieved when you add emotions to it.

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For example, my favorite (and my very first “mom”) affirmation is: I have unlimited patience and understanding for my baby’s needs. I repeat that affirmation constantly when my baby, now toddler,  wont behave in a way it should. And with repetition I am focusing to feel relaxed and have all the patience in the world. I try to truly understand why is she behaving the way she does, she probably has a reason and that gives me understanding for her needs.

And it helps.

Every time.

You also can create your owns that reflects your situation the best.

20+ powerful daily affirmations

Here are powerful daily affirmations I created for myself that helped me to through many days and they can help you too.

1. I have unlimited patience and understanding for my kid’s needs.
2. I am always patient and tolerant.
3. I enjoy being a mom with every cell in my body.
4. I love and accept myself just the way I am.
5. I am the best mom for my kids.
6. I am always positive and relaxed knowing that I am giving my best.
7. I know and accept that I don’t have to be perfect.
8. I give myself time to relax.
9. I am beautiful, intelligent, wise and loving woman.
10. I am perfectly healthy in body and mind.
11. I am doing the best I can under given circumstances.
12. When making decisions I am strong and consistent.
13. Every decision I make is the right one for me and my family.
14. Life supports me in every possible way.
15. I trust to my instincts.
16. Everything that happens is working out for my highest good.
17. I easily adjust to changes in our life.
18. I deal with everyday challenges and difficulties with love.
19. All that I need to know is revealed to me.
20. My life is joyously balanced between being a mom and a wife.
21. I attract abundance in my life.
22. Money is coming to me easily form known and unknown sources.
23. I am grateful for having my beautiful family.

Now, be sure to write down the ones you love the most, or if you want use all of them, here is free printable list that you can download.

If you liked these affirmations please take a moment and share it with moms you know to remind them how to stay positive from day to day.

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