10 The Best Unique Gifts For Mom

Inside: Find the best ideas for unique gifts for mom and make her feel special. These handcrafted sentimental gifts for mom also make a great gift ideas for mom birthday.

Being a mother is he most challenging job in the world. Simultaneously it is the most rewarding too. Funny how thing can arrange themselves in such an awkward way. But it is true. 

No matter how hard, every mom is doing the best she can. And you too. 

Yes, YOU!

You are doing a great job mom. 

If you are in doubt – don’t be. We have all been there, and it is normal. Facing our challenges from day to day, tired, sleepless… It can be tough, I know. 

But It is important not to forget how great you are to our kids.  

You are THE BEST mom for them. Ever.

If you have even tiny seed of doubt I encourage you to stop. Reading powerful daily affirmations can help same as if you surround yourself with positive supportive people.

Although you sometimes feel you are not competent for so many tasks, yet you do them every day, without thinking about them. When new situation arises you are there to save the day. When something either bad or good happen you are there to give hug and comfort. And when you had enough, well you hide no one can see you and have a chocolate.

So lets remind mom around ourselves how special the are. Let’s make them feel special. That it why is Mother’s day for.

I compiled this list form Etsy.com which is my ultimate resource for unique gifts and personalized presents.

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What to give a mom – Person you cherish and respect the most? 

Choose The Best Unique Gifts For Mom

Note for Canadian buyers on EtsyCanadian Free Shipping Event runs from May 1-14th.

It does not matter if that mom is your mom, your sister, your friend neighbour,  or just a mom from your neighbour who you see often how brave she is. They all deserve little something to remind them how great they are.  

Pick from this great list of sentimental gifts for mom.


Gifts for mom under $20

Hand stamped spoon - unique gifts for mom

Hand stamped spoon – Best mom ever. 


heart beat necklace - gift for moms

Personalized necklace – Heart beat.


Key necklace with printed picture.


Family portrait- Lovely keepsake for loving mom.


shelf decor for mom

Simple but powerful shelf decor 0 Mom, I love you


The sky is the limit gift ideas for mom


Garden Inspired Bath & Body Set with Keepsake Sachet.


Handmade Chickadee wood carving.


Motherhood quote in handcrafted wooden frame.


Charming Peas in a pod necklace with pearl ‘peas’.


Hand stamped Mama Bear Necklace.


And this, my friend, is jut a tiny bit of what is out there available on Etsy.com
If you liked these gifts for mom, please do me a favour, take a moment and share it with all wonderful mamas you know.

Photo credits: Etsy.com


Sentimental gifts for mom, either gift ideas for mother birthday or mothers day gifts. These are unique and special, just they should be for the best mom ever. Click for ideas.

Unique gifts for moms that make special sentimental gift for mom. These mothers day gifts are handcrafted with love and would also make great birthday present for mom. Click to see more.

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I believe every person is creative and every craft project is beautiful when you create for the journey of your heart.


  1. kirsty-rose | 9th May 18

    I love all of these! They are so different and not like the usual gifts! Also, how cute are the peas in the pod?! Adorable!

    • Lily Zunic | 9th May 18

      Thank you Kristy ❤️

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