Choose One Of The Best Craft Kits For Moms To Wind Down After Busy Day

Inside: The best craft kits for adults that are perfect for moms to wind down after challenging day. Or if you just wanna tackle with new DIY craft project to make something for yourself or a new toy for kids. 

We all have those days when baby is crying all day long, refuses to nap or you tackle with other common baby related issues. We all have those days when your toddler just won’t listen no matter what you say, won’t stop whine, won’t stop jump around and won’t stop climbing on the furniture. And in the end, we all have those crapy days when you are just not feeling well and would curl in to a bed waiting until day is over.

It is surprising how after such a busy day, when you finally lay down to bed, you can’t fall asleep. Your brain is still processing all those information, working hard to analyze and find appropriate solutions. That inner voice in your head is not tired at all and won’t you let have well deserved rest.

The harder he works, the higher price you will pay in the morning when kids wake up at 6 am.

That is why you need find something to wind down before bedtime. Just a 20 minute activity will be enough. I found  creative DIY project that makes my hands busy relaxes my mind and shifts my focus from the ongoing issues.
After mind mind is relaxed I can easier fall asleep and sleep better, that means I will fill better in the morning. That way I give myself opportunity to start day on a right foot.

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It you yet don’t have a hobby that helps you to wind down there are two ways you can start right now:

  • Online resource Craftsy has over 1,000 online courses for pretty much any hobby or maker skill you can think of: knitting, crocheting, cooking, painting, quilting, cookie decorating, sewing, photography and many more. You can start right now and absolutely free with absolutely 7 day FREE trial on Craftsy Unlimited.
  • Creative kits are another great idea because they provide you with everything you need to start, including instruction, tutorials and ideas. You can start making new craft project and if you liked it, continue to build that skill.

Either way, your hands will be busy and your mind relaxed.

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Below you can find the best craft kits for adults and pick one that will give you much needed ‘me-time’ on a creative way.

The Best Craft Kits For Moms To Wind Down After Busy Day

Adult Coloring Books Set – Great way to wind down after super busy day. If if you don’t have spare time for yourself (and I strongly suggest you find it ASAP) you can relax colouring together with your kids. We developed this routine a long time ago and do colouring once a week before bedtime, my daughter has her own colouring book and crayons and mommy has her own. We both wind down before sleep and have creative quality time one on one. 

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Craft Quilting Set– You always wanted to craft neat quilt blanket for your kid? Maybe right time is now. This is basic kit to start making your first project. If you fall in love in quilting and wanna learn more choose one of Online Quilting Classes.

Rock Painting Kit – with this kit you can start making painted rocks immediately –  neat rounded rocks is included too. If you wish you can make fun rock toys for your kids because pint is non-toxic.

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Complete Quilling Set for Beginners -You can make paper toys, finger puppets, greeting carts, art or you can dive into the idea gallery and explore the versatility of quilling through the 20 projects. Kit comes with  120 Pages Quilling Book. If you love paper crafts and prefer learn watching videos you can chose of the Paper Crafts Classes .

Woolbuddy Needle Felting Starter Kit – one of my favourites and my newest passion. This wool felting kit contains everything you need to start making beautiful felt creations like toys.

Hope you liked this craft kits ideas and found the one you wanna try out now. If you prefer videos, take a Free Craftsy Class and learn something new!  You never know what new hobby you will fall in love with.
In the end benefit is clear, the more busier your hands are, the more relaxed your mind is.

Craft kids perfect for mom to wind down after busy day. Find great ideas for new creative craft projects or start a new hobby. Click to see ideas.

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