101 Things For Kids To Do An A Rainy Day – Book Review

You think the boredom is the worst thing is can happen on a long rainy day? You my be right. But there is no reason to be desperate. Book 101 Things For Kids To On a Rainy Day   will give you more than hundred kids activities ideas. Games, crafts, science experiments, magic tricks, recipes … it is all there. Even the most bored children will find it resourceful. And you will be peaceful seeing them playing rather than staring at the screen. Isn’t every parent nowadays wants for their children?

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101 Things For Kids To Do An A Rainy Day – Book Review

Few months ago I wrote a review for a book 101 Things For Kids To Do Outside and can tell you that we have had really nice outdoor play during summer and fall. Book gave me so much fun ideas to do with my kid. Now I am very happy to share with you my thoughts about 101 Things For Kids To Do On A Rainy Day, from same author, Dawn Isaac. We already had few activities that we have tried so far and there is more on my ‘to-do’ list, like making bath paints, shoe box doll house, DIY puzzles, I spy, indoor snowball fight and so on. As my toddler grows we will have more and more ideas to explore.

101 Things For Kids To On a Rainy Day  is resourceful to kids and to teachers. Activities are suitable for children age 3 to 12 and up, divided in to 15 categories, on over 200 color pages, filled with amusing illustrations and simple schemes. From one-on-one games, party games, crafts, artistic project, to quiet play, food recipes, science experiments and magic tricks.

List of categories:

– Perfect for presents
– Great games
– Quick projects
– Good four younger children ( 3-7)
– Good for older children (7+)
– Best for cooks
– Best for scientist
– Best for tricksters
– Wonders from yarn
– Best for gardeners
– No-mess activities
– Best for glamour
– Best for artists
– Homemade toys and games
– Bigger projects

Among all of those ideas I am pretty sure that the most bored kids will find something interesting to entertain themselves in a rainy day. Book is written in a humorous tone and addressed to children. I find it very funny how some of the ideas are presented to trick friends. Like the ones with magic tricks. Have to admit even I didn’t know trick how to change water color using red cabbage. The one I disliked the most is tutorial how to make a severe finger box. I am not fan of such a brutal kids play but I guess every little boy will sooner or latter come up with something like that.

If you ask me I will always choose outside play whenever is possible. But there are  rainy/windy/cold days when the best thing is to stay and play inside.  I remember me being a kid, those days I had to stay in house were really, really long for me. I remember playing grown ups by setting up a store, or a school, or dress up using grandmas clothes. Seeing some of those similar projects in this book, like setting up a cafe, spa, running library or creating an indoor camp made me very happy and reminded me of all those nice childhood memories.

Author in this book gave the ideas and guidelines of what to play and everything else is up to the children. This kind of play requires imagination and lots of creativeness. Children are their own directors and actors with these ideas so game can go all day long.

I love variety of activities this book provides and how much involvement it requires from kids. I was thrilled seeing activities for little cooks with  simple, but healthy recipes. It is never to early for healthy habits. And let’s face it, kids will more likely eat healthy treats if they were involved in process of creation. Everything is so much more fun through play.

If you think this book is only for children, you are wrong. Every teacher or educator will find it very resourceful for their groups and these activities will encourage creative play.

And if you are a parent, you will be thrilled to see your children finally totally involved in play rather than sitting on a couch. Book 101 Things for Kids to Do on a Rainy Day might be a game changer for your family. More play and games that can actually be turned on to be family games, which lead to more quality time spent together, more laugh and happiness for whole family.

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