How To Engage Kids With Simple Fall Nature Activities

Inside: get inspired with these 4 fall activities for kids they will enjoy

Autumn is full of surprises for kids. A simple walk in nature can be a fun way to observe and find new objects to draw their attention. It gives many opportunities to play, learn and develop your child’s skills.

Here are 4 simple fall activity ideas for autumn play using objects from nature.  

Sensory bin

fine motor skill baby

Nature-inspired play is very important in early childhood.

During the walk, in your yard or in a park collect a range of objects, such as leaves, small stones, bark, twigs, feathers, petals, and grasses. Take them home with you and place items you’ve collected in a basket. Let your child explore different shapes and textures while you supervise play. If your child is very young and still mouthing give her a limited number of objects. Also washed them before placing it in our sensory basket. Your supervision is required all the time. Related: Exciting Fall Art Project Kids Will Think Is Magic

Seek and find

autumn basket from walk

Through this game, your child can develop his sense of touch as he explores the variety of textures to be found in nature. Collect objects from nature but make sure that you have at least two same objects accessible, one in your basket and at least one in the yard or park. Let your child select one of the objects in the container. Tell him to find where in the yard or park the object came from. Walk around with him comparing the texture of the object in his hand with the other objects around you so he gets an idea that he needs to match up the object using his sense of touch. When he finds the correct object let him place it with the matching one.

Guess what’s in a bag

In this sensory activity, your child will practice his sense of touch but also his language skills.

Take 3-6 objects from nature you’ve been collected earlier and put them in front of your child on the floor. Starting from left to right let the child take one item and together discuss some attributes of the object. Is it hard or soft? Is it rounded or pointed? Is it smooth or bumpy? Use the attributes and adjectives of the word frequently. After discussing each object, blindfold your child. Place one of the objects inside a bag. Remove the blindfold from your child’s face and encourage them to feel the object inside of the bag as you hold it up. Let him try to guess what’s in a bag.

Repeat this process until all of the objects were discussed.

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Nature collage

nature collage objects

This outdoor kids activity is perfect for autumn as there is a great variety of available colors in the grasses, leaves, fruits, nuts, and seeds.  

Children love to create and they’ll love this outdoor activity. Nature collage would be great to make on a piece of ground in nature as it is natural collage and so is not permanent and can be big as you want, but if you wish, you also can make one smaller at home onto paper. Ask your child that she collect natural objects around her to make a collage. Make a little pile of everything that he’s been collected. Make a picture or pattern with her, suggest combining different shapes or patterns. You may work with her or create your own collage alongside, as this will help your kid to get some ideas.

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