How To Make 3 Simple Fine Motor Activities for Outdoor Play

This 3 Simple Fine Motor Activities Ideas for Outdoor Play are ideal for hot summer days and are perfect for small places, like patio or balcony play. You actually don’t need much to invest and can set up these activities for your toddler in a few minutes. So let’s get started.


How to make 3 Simple Fine Motor Activities for Outdoor Play

Threading with pool noodle

Cut out pool noodle in about 0.5 -1 inch and find some rope or sticks. We had  foam sticks that day for play so we used them. Simple. Easy. Perfect!

Pool noodle fine motor activity - threading


threading with pool noodle


Practicing fine motor skills with plastic basket

We have this great plastic basket with holes that we use for play. So with the foam sticks I demonstrated how she can put straws thought the basket. She was very determined to push stick thorough holes on both sides of the basket. It took some time until she mastered it but it was fun activity.

Fine mototr activity for toddler



Fishing foam sticks

Another great fine motor activity, this time involving water. I have cut some foam sticks in about 2 inches log, placed them in to plastic container filled with water and gave he plastic scope with holes to catch the sticks. Fun, fun, fun… what else to say.

Fine mototr activity for toddler

There is no better way than have fun and play while mastering new skills.

Fine motor activites

Hope you liked this three fine motor activities and you will try some with your toddler. Would love to hear in comments bellow how did it go.

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