Learn How To Make A Pom Pom Easy Way

Inside: Learn how easily you can make pom poms that can be used for craft projects, for making toys and for creative imaginative play.


Easy Pom Pom Crafts – Tutorial

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When I was a little girl my grandma taught me how to make pom poms. She had a funny old way of doing it, and she has learned that from her grandma too.

Instead of two pieces of cardboard, she would use one piece of 1/2 inch thick potato! Yes, potato!

The same shape, same wrapping technique,  but there was a potato inside, which she would cut with a sharp razor, together with the wrapped wool.

But for today let me show you the easy way to make a pom pom out of cardboard that you can use for pom pom crafts or pom pom animals.

Materials you will need:

  • yarn
  • two exact the same cardboard pieces, round shape with a hole in the middle and cut on one side (see photo)
  • scissors

how to make pom pom

Step by step instructions for making pom poms:

  1. Cut 2 circles out of cardboard like on the photo (mine here was 2.5 inches in diameter) and cut on one side for easier wrapping.
  2. Tie one end of the yarn somewhere on a cardboard.
  3. Wrap wool in several layers. The more times you wrap the yarn around the cardboard, the more full and thick your pom-pom will be.
  4. When done, carefully cut wool with scissors, between two cardboards.
  5. Tie tightly in a middle with a piece of a thread, while holding half ends separately.
  6. Roll the wool ball between hands to get round shape.
  7. If there is wool peeking make haircut with scissors.
  8. For perfectly round shape pom pom roll it gently between palms.

You can make different sizes and colours.

For making animals glue together two or more pom poms to get body, and glue googly eyes on pom pom. Other features, like nose and ears you can cut out of felt.

This way you can make cute pom pom pets for imaginative play that will encourage your child’s creativity.

How to make fluffy yellow pom pom chicken

  1. Make a pom pom with yellow yarn
  2. Glue two googly eyes
  3. Cut little orange triangle for beak and glue it between eyes.

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How to make a pom pom crafts simple way. Pom-poms are great for crafts, making toys and for imaginative play. Click for tutorial.





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