How to Make Felt Ball for Your Baby or Toddler

 My baby just discovered how ball rolls over and over again and it is beautiful to watch her discovering that strange object that doesn’t stay on place. Although we have several balls different sizes since she was little baby and we played with them baby games, mostly tasting, now she have a real fun discovering that round object, without corners, edges or loose edges.

Watching her playing with the ball I’ve decided it is a perfect time to make homemade felt natural balls. It is important for me that my baby have natural and safe toys without unknown dangerous ingredients and chemicals. Waldorf inspired felt balls made of natural wool are safe and will give her enjoyment of soft, warm and wonderfully textured toy to hold in her hands.

How to Soft Make Felt Ball

For making felt ball you will need these wet felting supplies:

Felting Supplies

Make a ball from unspun wool using stands wrapped tightly around each other randomly. Shape them into ball as you go making ball a third bigger than the intended finished size because ball will shrink in the making process.

Make Felt Ball od Unspun Wool

If you want more colours on your ball take another colour for the last layer, wrapping strands tightly around the ball in random fashion.

Make a ball from unspul wool

Submerge ball into bowl of hot water until it soaked. Watch your hands, you don’t wanna burn your hands. Take the soap and rub gently all over.

Cup the ball as if making snowball

Cup the ball as if making snowball and ‘pack’ the surface with pressing motion. Rub the ball and continue to keep its round form. Don’t worry it you feel it is loose. Continue to cup and rub the ball quickly so that the outer fibres begin to lock. Work the ball for 10 minutes before rinsing the ball in cold water. Cold water helps to firm loving of the fibres.

Felting Ball

Re-submerge  the ball  in hot water, add more soap if it’s needed and work for another 5 minutes.

Submerge ball

Rinse thoroughly in cold water, squeezing out all the soap. Rub in towel and dry out on sun or top of radiator.

And play can begin!

How To Make Waldorf Inspired Felt Ball

If you have any questions regarding process of making I’ll be happy to answer. And don’t forget to share this great tutorial with your friends.

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