Easy Crafts: How To Make A Tissue Box Toy Car Wash

We love reuse all of our boxes, and I’m especially weak on a cute colourful tissue boxes. Don’t know how about you, but I always seek for new ideas how to upcycle them. Continue reading a find out how to make a simple craft Tissue Box Toy Car Wash.

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Easy Crafts: How To Make A Tissue Box Toy Car Wash

Materials you will need:

  • empty tissue box (cube shaped)
  • foam sheets (red, yellow and orange)
  • foam sticks (I bought mine in Dollar store)
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors



Take your tissue box and cut out side with opening, opposite side and one in the between. I haven’ t took a picture of that one but this is how it looks in the end. Just to get an idea.

car wash toy DIY

Take two red foam sheets and cut it on a size to match one side which will be entrance.

Mark stripes with pencil and cut all the stripes leaving them hanging.

Glue both sheets, one on top another, from the inside of a box.

Use foam sheet scraps and glue to decorate entrance and maker to write “Car Wash”.


Set of brushes are made of two foam sticks and two foam sheets.

Divide each foam sheet on to three pieces,  2 same size and one a bit smaller.

Cut each piece of foam as shown on photo.

Take first stick and one bigger piece of foam, apply little glue on end and start rolling foam making brush. At the end glue so your brush don’t roll back.

Repeat with second bigger piece and put the smallest one on the bottom. Repeat with a second stick.

When done you will have two sticks with brushes. Now you need to glue them on each side of exit with glue. Foam sticks are great as they are flexible but wooden or any round sticks will serve the purpose too.

Use foam scraps to decorate exit as needed. I just put one orange stripe on the top.

diy car wash toy - car wash brushes tutorial

And  your DIY car wash is ready to be played with.


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How To Make A Tissue Box Toy Car Wash. Follow this tutorial and you will have great toy that costs almost nothing. Make imaginative play better and bring in new activities for kids. Click for tutorial.





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