Make Vibrant Lion Craft With Leaf Stamping

Inside: Simple craft for 3 year olds witj leaf stamping that kids absolutely love.

Every day when we go for our walk, colourful fallen leaves just call us to take them home. My girl picks up nice leaves every single time ( including branches, rocks, fruits… ) and brings them home, weather or not we have plan to make nature crafts. But for this craft we picked still green leaves from our backyard. She had fun stamping and after drying she enjoyed making this vibrant lion craft.

This lion project give preschoolers chance to do many activities and accomplish few steps to get final result. 3 year olds and older kids will love every single step from painting, stamping, cutting to gluing.

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Leaf stamping craft for 3 year olds

Materials you will need: 

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Instructions: Give your child orange paint and brush,  instruct him how to paint leaf background. Painting veiny side of the leaf you will get more interesting lines.

painted leaves and stamping

Let him stamp leafs on a yellow construction paper . Fill entire paper. Keep in mind that you need 8-12 stamped leaves for lion’s head and one for lion’s tail. You can use each leaf for several times, adding more colour each time before stamping.

While stamped leaves is drying, cut out lion’s body, head, ears and tail. After leaves is dried cut them out and you can start making lion craft. If your child is skilled enough and comfortable with kids safe scissors, he will love this step.

Glue body first, than arrange leaves in a circle in a way that you can cover its edges with round piece that will be head. After you glue the leaves, glue ears and head on top. (Pssst … we lost our ears in the process of making so our lion ended up without ears :)).

Place one final leaf at the end of lion’s tail. Finally, draw eyes and nose with black marker. And your adorable lion craft for 3 year olds is done.

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Kids will enjoy every moment, from collecting leaves, painting, stamping, cutting and gluing till the very end where they get great animal craft in front of them. And next time you’ll go out, listen to the leaves, maybe they bring perfect craft or activity to play with.

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Make adorable lion craft using premade stamping leaves. This is fun craft for toddlers and preschoolers and perfect fall activity for kids. Click to see details.

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