Board books every baby should have in their nursery

We have a couple of favourite board books that we read almost everyday since A. was just a few weeks old. I realize importance of reading to babies and infants, and also wanted to give her lifelong love of reading. You would be surprised how beneficial reading from early days and months can be to your baby.

It is not unusual believe that infants don’t understand when you read to them.

But that is not true.

Even if they don’t understand meaning of the words, they do understand sound of language and how the words fits together. That is why experts recommend reading to your baby from the time they are in the womb. They can hear your voice, get familiar with rhythm of your voice and after they are born even recognize stories you have read to them.

Reading to your infant will help their brain development and contribute speech development. When they get little older they will start making connections between what you read and the picture in the book.


How to Read to Your Baby

I admit, you will need to have some patience if you wanna read book with the baby. Baby will want to hold or chew the book while you try to read it. You may even not get throughout the whole book. But that is okay.  Baby becomes familiar with books that way too and have their way of getting information about their world. Read book aloud and point out and name pictures. Later you can ask baby to find objects or animals from the book and point to it. Also make reading a cuddly time. He will enjoy that special time with you.


I have read to A. many times a day while she was just a few weeks old. I would often put a book in front of her while having tummy time. She would look the pictures and ‘read’ babbling. Then around two or three months we started bedtime routine which included reading of a one book. And we kept that routine since then.


Our Favourite Board Books For Babies Under 1

Here is the list of our favourite board books for babies.

Ten Tiny Toes by Caroline Jane Church

This is our absolute favourite as we read it for bedtime every night. It is repetitive  and A. enjoys reading it. Now when she is older she is involved showing body parts as storyline goes and it is super funny. Illustrations in this book are so adorable. Love it!

Pop-Up Peekaboo: Meow! by DK

Great sturdy board book. It can handle flipping flaps for many times. Nice and colourful illustrations and  fun storyline will teach your baby animal sounds. A. have enormous fun peeking under flaps and often she will bring me this book out of blue in the middle of the play. Then we sit down and read it together at least twice. If you are looking for a quality and durable pop-up book than this would be a great choice.

Love You More by Susan Musgrave

Perfect for cuddle time, poetic and has wonderful, gentle lovingly storyline. With colourful illustrations we learn vocabulary every day. A. love pointing animals and objects while we read. It is also gentle and shooting so we often read this book before nap time.

Bright Baby Animals

This was one of our first board books and is surpassingly cheap. So if you are looking for good board book for little money, which will last for a long time than this is the book I would recommend. Photographs are bright and sharp and each page has simple words addressing animals so your baby will learn recognize animals and extend vocabulary.

Baby Touch and Feel: Pets 

After A. shoved interest for animals I bought this lovely touch and feel pets board book. It has simple images and padded covers and the best part is variety of textures to explore, from soft fur to bump scales on a turtle. It is always nice to se A. how she explores textures with little fingers and smile to familiar animals.

Baby Roar! Roar! (Baby Sparkle)

So one more animal book with bright bold photographs, but this one have glittery elements and is extra sparkle on some pages. Along with each animal goes rhyme. This is the book she want to read again and again and glittery elements are good for sensory exploration too. With her learning new milestones every day, she now tries to imitate animals sounds. Pretty cute!

Five Little Monkeys Finger Puppet Book (Little Learners)

Oh, we love this nursery rhyme board book features. Fun monkey  finger puppet is built into the story and appears on every page. Rhyme is repetitive and fun and we often sing it even without the book, when she is jumping on the bed. This book we often carry around with us and she plays in the car, it is sturdy and easy for her to hold or turn pages. I love it because encourages interactive play and hand -eye coordination.

The Babies and Doggies Book

This is our newest baby board book. Babies love other babies and dogs too so it is fun to read this book and compare things that both, babies and doggies do.
So here it is, out favourite board book list which will do great for babies and toddlers.

Board Baby Books Animals

What are yours favourite board books?

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