Last Minute DIY Baby Halloween Costume

So here I am, four days prior Halloween decided to make baby Halloween costume. I didn’t think we would need it because my baby is still to small to figure out what is going on for Halloween.

Actually all started with bowl of Halloween candies I bought the last week. Of course, we ate them right away, so our baby girl got the bowl to play with. Looking at it, I was thinking what a cute photo would be with her as a little witch.

DIY Baby Halloween Witch Costume copy 2

I browse what ‘ingredients’ I have available at home; felt and stuffing for little witch broom,  violet tights,  found some matching wrapping fabric for tutu, little witch hat headband from Dollarama and daddy generously gave away his T-shirt.

With this “last-minute” project I wanna show you how easy it is and inspire you to make something similar for your baby. Using all materials I already had, have not spent a penny.


DIY Baby Halloween Costume

Witch Onesie

I’ve used by baby’s onesie to cut one of black T-shirt.


Baby Onesie of Old T-Shirt

Later one decided I want long sleeves so I’ve used another onesie with long sleeves to measure and cut out of a real T-shirt sleeves. So don’t be confused with picture.

I sew everything together, put two black KAM snaps at bottom and our little black which onesie was done.

DIY Witch Onesie


Violet No Sew Tutu

Next I made no sew tutu. I found easy tutorial at The Pinning Mama which I adapted a bit to my materials I had. Think turned out pretty good.

DIY No Sew Tutu


Baby Witch Hat Remake

I already mentioned I had little witch hat headband but it had ugly black feathers, black tulle and spiders. Totally not appropriate to baby. So I took that of and made little violet flowers to match tutu. Sorry I forgot to take a photo before.

Helloween Baby Witch Hat Remake


Little Baby Felt Broom

Now this was the most fun part of the costume. I love work with felt, especially make toys and this is the one she can use after, when she gets a bit older.

Felt Broom Tutorial with Free Template

I’ve made free printable template you can download here: Baby Felt Broom Free Template.

And that was it. My Last Minute DIY Baby Halloween Costume was done on time.

DIY Baby Witch Haloween Costume

I love it, it is cute and colourful and fits her perfectly.

I would like to hear did you make homemade costumes for your kids this year? Do you have costume for yourself?

Lily Zunic

I believe every person is creative and every craft project is beautiful when you create for the journey of your heart.

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