How To Make Simple Cotton Balls Sheep Craft

We love simple animal projects, as this cute sheep craft, because they are great opportunity to learn. While we work we talk about animal that we are working on, their colours, about sounds they make, what do they eat, where do they live and so on. So it is not only a play, it is a great way to extend your toddler vocabulary and practice fine motor skills. Plus, glue and cotton balls mixed together, are new sensory activity to explore.


How To Make Simple Cotton Balls Sheep Craft

My daughter is only 19 months so she needed lots of help, but older kids can do this pretty much alone. The way we worked was very entertaining for my daughter as I adjusted  activity to her age milestones. I prepared everything and she helped with gluing. Especially cotton balls were fun to explore. I would apply glue for one cotton ball and she would put ball on its place for our cute sheep craft. There is so many ideas you can make with cotton balls, from decorations, toys crafts to storage projects.

When we came down to when I pulled out googly eyes she found another activity to entertain herself. She start sorting eyes into egg carton pods (which we have ready in our craft box for other projects).



So this was unexpected activity and turned out great fine motor practice. Have you ever tried to pick up googly eye from the table? She did a great job.


For this project you will need:

– one sheet of construction paper in green colour, and about half sheet in black
– pencil
– glue
– scissors
– cotton balls
– pair of googly eyes

sheep craft

Cut four legs, tail and sheep’s head in black. Then set it on paper and draw sheep shape. Glue all pieces, but leave ears for now. Then you can start gluing cotton balls. When all is done, glue googly eyes. And your simple sheep craft is done.





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