10 Summer Activities For Preschoolers For The Best Summer Ever

Preview:  Inexpensive summer activities for preschoolers that will be remembered as the best summer fun ever.

We all have favorite summer memories from the time when we were kids. If you think about it closely, those were very simple activities but the feeling of joy we had then is something we carry in our hearts for life. And that is precious.

One of my favorite summer memories is laying on the grass almost every afternoon with my grandma. Watching clouds passing by and just chatting about who knows what. Don’t even remember what were our conversations about, I was very young. But I remember feeling of freedom and peacefulness that I’m grateful for.

I know that you as a parent want to create lifelong memories for your children too. Something simple, inexpensive but yet powerful, that will give your kids that taste of summer freedom and outdoor fun.

And I know you are busy. Searching for good summer ideas for kids takes time too.  I want you to have good outdoor quality time and tons of outdoors fun activities on fresh air, instead of surfing internet or Pinterest for good ideas.

I made a list of summer activities for preschoolers but these all activities are great for toddlers and older kids too.

You will benefit from these simple kids activities in many ways. Less stress planning and organizing are one of them because all activities from the list are easy to plan or organize.

So scroll down to find some great inexpensive ideas with fun things you can do in the summer.

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Fun and inexpensive summer activities for preschoolers


#1 Make fairy garden

#2 Blow giant bubbles

#3 Have a real picnic in a near park

#4 Spend the day on a beach

#5 Go to the swimming pool

#6 Plant vegetable garden

#7 Make a tent on our deck and play camping

#8 Visit farmers market

#9 Go for a scavenger hunt chasing colours, bugs and objects in nature

#10 Lay down on the grass and look for the shapes in the clouds


Most of  summer fun activities from this list are also educational and age appropriate for preschoolers. For example by planting vegetable garden you can start teaching about gardening, take themed books from the library and go thought plant stages as your veggies grow. Expand learning with related vegetable crafts and art projects.

If you think these summer activities for preschoolers are perfect fit for your child (not necessary preschooler, kids of any age will enjoy them) save it for your next quality time. These are also perfect family activities and I bet your children will love all of them.

I invite you to share this article with your friends and family and you can plan next picnic or day on a beach together.  The more the merrier, because this is what summer is all about.

Outdoor summer activities for kids that will create beautiful memories. Click for the list that will give you ideas how to give your children the best summer ever. #summer #outdoorplay #kidsactivites #inexpensive

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